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Veterans Home residents elect Resident Council Officers

Pictured are the New Hampshire Veterans Home 2021-2023 elected officers, from left to right: John "Jack" Shea, first vice president; Allan Bailey, president; Rita Landry, second vice president; Anthony "Tony" Schroeder, chaplain; James "Jim" Brown, sergeant–at-arms. (Courtesy Photo) (click for larger version)
July 29, 2021
TILTON — Veterans residing at the New Hampshire Veterans Home (NHVH) recently elected Resident Council Officers for the two-year period of July 2021 to June 2023. The officers, elected by secret ballot, include:

« Allan Bailey, president; US Army, Vietnam Era, from Wolfeboro

« John "Jack" Shea, 1st vice president; US Army, Vietnam Era, from Manchester

« Rita Landry, 2nd vice president; US Air Force, Korean Conflict Era, from Lincoln

« Anthony "Tony" Schroeder, chaplain; US Army National Guard, Gulf War Era, from Rochester

« James "Jim" Brown, sergeant–at-arms; US Army, Vietnam Era, from Nashua

The New Hampshire Veterans Home's Resident Council follows established bylaws to represent veterans' interests. Resident Council Officers work with staff to facilitate communications, implement ideas, and follow up on recommendations. Through monthly meetings for all members, the Council suggests improvements and helps administration provide better programs, surroundings, and services; gives residents a greater participation in affairs within the facility; promotes friendship and understanding among residents; and provides and receives necessary information for the benefit of all residents.

In addition to serving on the NHVH Resident Council, residents are also invited to participate in decision-making committees, some of which include the Board of Managers; Safety, Art and Palliative Care Committees.

The NHVH is home to men and women veterans who have served their country and fellow New Hampshire citizens. NHVH was established in Tilton in 1890 as the Soldier's Home for Civil War Veterans and is a recent recipient of the Business Inspiration Award from the Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce. The mission of NHVH is to provide high quality, professional long-term care services to the Granite State's elderly and disabled veterans with dignity, honor and respect. NHVH is the State's only long-term care facility dedicated exclusively to veterans. For more information, call 527-4400 or visit www.nh.gov/veterans, www.facebook.com/nhveteranshome.

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