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Tilton police officer saves infant's life

March 03, 2021
TILTON — On Wednesday, Feb. 24, Officer Richard Paulhus of the Tilton Police Department, along with two deputies from Belknap County Sheriff's Office, responded to a broken down vehicle in the middle of the intersection by exit 20.

While pushing the vehicle out of the intersection, officers heard a woman scream from across the road. Paulhus ran toward the woman, suspecting that some type of emergency was taking place.

As he arrived, the woman frantically told him that her eight-month-old baby was chocking and wasn't breathing, handing the baby to Paulhus. He immediately began to flip the baby over and perform the child style Heimlich maneuver. After multiple thrusts, the item became dislodged, and to everyone's relief, the baby began to cry, indicating that it was able to breathe freely again.

Tilton/Northfield EMS responded, treated the baby, and she was transported to a local hospital for precautionary measures.

Paulhus is a 37-year veteran of the Tilton Police Department, retiring in 2014 at the rank of Lieutenant. He is now working as a part time officer.

It is very clear from all parties involved that Paulhus turned to his training and experience that ultimately saved this eight month old babies life yesterday.

Paulhus's actions cannot be described in words alone, but every member of the Tilton Police Department thanks him for being a hero for the last 37 years, and specifically on this fateful day.

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