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Republicans earn support of local voters

by Brendan Berube
Editor - Record-Enterprise
November 12, 2020
REGION — A miniature red wave swept through the Winnisquam region last Tuesday as local voters showed their support in force for Republican candidates in both national and state races.

The Presidential election remained too close to call for several days as election officials in contested battleground states worked to count unprecedented numbers of absentee ballots submitted by mail due to concerns about the Coronavirus pandemic. Although victory was ultimately called for Democratic candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden, local voters favored a second term for Republican incumbent Donald Trump. In Belmont, the Trump/Mike Pence ticket received 2,365 votes to Biden and Kamala Harris' 1,609, while Libertarian running mates Jo Jorgensen and Jeremy Cohen came in a distant third with 78. The results were a bit closer in Northfield, where Trump garnered 1,435 votes to Biden's 1,122, with Jorgensen trailing at 62. Sanbornton voters gave Trump 1,134 votes, Biden 875, and Jorgensen 36. The closest margin between the two main contenders was in Tilton, where Trump garnered 1,044 votes to Biden's 938, Jorgensen bringing up the rear with 43.

In New Hampshire, all eyes were on Democratic incumbent Jeanne Shaheen's ultimately successful fight to defend her seat in the U.S. Senate against Republican challenger Corky Messner. While Shaheen emerged victorious Tuesday night, Belmont voters favored Messner, awarding him 2,022 votes while Shaheen garnered 1,875 and Libertarian Justin O'Donnell 104. Shaheen narrowly edged out Messner in Northfield, with 1,327 votes compared to Messner's 1,202 and O'Donnell's 60. Messner was the favorite among voters in Sanbornton, who gave him 1,003 votes to Shaheen's 992, while O'Donnell was given 35. Tilton voters threw their support behind Shaheen, granting her 1,069 votes and Messner 879, with O'Donnell once again trailing with 49.

The hotly contested race for the First Congressional District, which saw Democratic incumbent Chris Pappas facing a formidable challenger in Republican Matt Mowers, was also closely watched. Although Pappas ultimately won re-election, local voters once again favored the conservative candidate. Mowers garnered 2,272 votes in Belmont to Pappas' 1,557, with Libertarian Zachary Dumont in third place with 123. The story was the same in Sanbornton, where Mowers was given 1,103 votes, Pappas 852, and Dumont 56. The race was much closer in Tilton, however, with just 47 votes separating Mowers (985) and Pappas (938). Dumont once again trailed with 59.

Northfield residents cast their votes in the no less heated race for the Second Congressional District, which saw Democratic incumbent Annie Kuster squaring off, successfully, in a re-match with Republican challenger Steve Negron. Negron was the favorite in Northfield, earning 1,320 votes to Kuster's 1,160, while Libertarian Andrew Olding trailed with 72.

In the race for Governor, Republican incumbent Chris Sununu, who easily won re-election against Democratic opponent Dan Feltes, was also the overwhelming favorite locally. In Belmont, Sununu garnered 3,133 votes to Feltes' 813, with Libertarian Darryl Perry placing a distant third with 63. Voters in Northfield favored Sununu over Feltes 1,912 to 666, while Perry was given 50. Sununu brought in nearly three times the turnout for Feltes in Sanbornton, 1,432 to 558, with 25 for Perry. The story was much the same in Tilton, where Sununu garnered 1,451 votes to Feltes' 529, Perry trailing once again with 39.

Along with the Corner Office, Republicans in New Hampshire also regained a position on the Executive Council, with Joe Kenney winning back the influential District 1 seat he lost to Democrat Mike Cryans in 2018. The results in Sanbornton reflected the district wide vote, with Kenney bringing in 1,204 votes to Cryans' 749. Kenney was also the favorite in Tilton, earning 1,125 votes to Cryans' 785.

Voters in Belmont, which lies within Executive Council District 2, threw their support behind Republican Jim Beard (2,400 votes) over Democrat, and eventual winner, Cinde Warmington (1,356). Beard was also the favorite in Northfield, where he was awarded 1,438 votes to Warmington's 1,000.

Editor's note: Due to space restrictions, we are not able to provide a detailed breakdown of the numerous state House, state Senate, and county races that appeared on last Tuesday's ballots. Results for those races will be posted on the New Hampshire Secretary of State's Web site, www.sos.nh.gov, as soon as they have been tabulated in full.

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