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Local Primary voters come out strong for Bolduc

by Brendan Berube
Editor - Record-Enterprise
September 16, 2020
REGION — With a record setting turnout reported across the state despite concerns about the COVID-19 outbreak, voters dutifully trooped to the polls during last Tuesday's state Primary to set the slate of candidates who will face off in the Nov. 3 general election.

For the most part, voters residing in the Winnisquam region reflected statewide trends, with Democrats choosing to pit Dan Feltes against incumbent Chris Sununu in the race for the governor's office.

In Belmont, Feltes received 246 votes to challenger Andru Volinsky's 200, while Sununu unsurprisingly bested his would-be challenger on the Republican ballot, Karen Testerman, 1,027 to 84.

Although Corky Messner emerged as the statewide favorite among Republicans to challenge incumbent U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen for her seat in November, Belmont voters threw their support behind Don Bolduc, who received 672 votes to Messner's 324, with Gerard Beloin (21) and Andy Martin (17) rounding out the race on the Republican side. Matt Mowers, the overwhelming favorite among Republican voters to challenge Democratic Congressman Chris Pappas in the First District, was also the top choice in Belmont, garnering 608 votes, while Matt Mayberry received 234, Kevin Rondeau 42, Jeff Denaro 36, and Michael Callis 34.

Feltes also garnered the support of Democratic voters in Sanbornton, with 185 votes to Volinsky's 160, while Sununu again beat out Testerman, 473-55. Republicans in Sanbornton joined Belmont in supporting Bolduc for Senate, but by a narrower margin, 253 votes to Messner's 238, followed by Martin with 16 and Beloin with 8. Mowers was also favored in Sanbornton, where he received 314 votes to Mayberry's 106, followed by Rondeau with 27, Callis with 18, and Denaro with 15.

The story was very much the same in Northfield, with Feltes edging out Volinsky 176-154 and Sununu outpacing Testerman 455-71, while local voters again threw their support behind Bolduc over Messner, 275-188, followed by Martin with 32 and Beloin with 4.

Northfield's location within the Second Congressional District saw Republican voters there choosing from a slate of potential challengers to incumbent Democratic Congresswoman Annie Kuster. Steven Negron, who would emerge as the overall winner, was also the favorite in Northfield, earning 224 votes, while Lynne Blankenbeker received 158, Eli Clemmer 47, and Matthew Bjelobrk 40.

Results from Tilton had not been made available to the Echo as of our press deadline for this week's edition.

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