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Wild Woman Wellness Center offers a place for women to love who they are

Carolyn Richardson and Amber Barrett recently opened Wild Woman Wellness Center in Franklin, where a multitude of programs and activities they offer encourage women to be themselves and love who they are. (Photo by Donna Rhodes) (click for larger version)
February 10, 2016
FRANKLIN — Wild Woman Wellness Center is a the newest place in central New Hampshire where women and girls can unwind, relax and enjoy just being themselves through a number of great programs and special events.

The center, found just off Central Street in downtown Franklin, is owned and operated by Amber Barrett of Manchester and Carolyn Richardson, who lives with her family in Gilmanton.

Barrett is an experienced birthing coach with the Granite State Doulas and also runs Women's Healing Arts classes, while Richardson is both an intuitive and a medium who does card readings and is skilled in Reike therapy.

The pair met through their mutual interests and right away found themselves to be kindred spirits. In fact, they even bear a striking resemblance to each other.

As they got to know each other, they decided to pool their knowledge, talents and resources to create a place where women could find respite from their busy lives.

From there, it wasn't long before Wild Woman Wellness Center was born.

"Our mission is to empower women and families through all kinds of support programs," said Richardson.

Twice a month, on both the new and full moons, they hold popular Red Tent events where femininity and fertility cycles are embraced and women can openly discuss their feelings without judgment from others. Some women, they said, come from as far away as Nashua to attend the bimonthly Red Tent nights.

"It's a great time for women to share their thoughts and feelings," Barrett said.

In fact, it was Red Tent events, typically held in various locations, that encouraged the pair to seek out a true "home away from home" for women to come together and share their thoughts and feelings.

"People began asking us to have a physical space for all we offer and we thought that was a great idea," said Richardson. "We all have a 'wild woman' within us, the woman we were before life told us who we should be. We decided we wanted to have a place where women could empower themselves and embrace who they really are deep inside."

It was then that the two came across the ideal location in one of Franklin's unique business complexes, offering a relaxing atmosphere in a historic setting.

Within that space they found plenty of room for activities while still having the ability to create a comfortable seating area, decorated with some inspirational art, for more intimate gatherings..

"We're super excited to be in Franklin. So many of the people we've met here have been really supportive of us," said Richardson.

Since Wild Woman's Wellness Center opened in December, they have expanded beyond their Red Tent events and provide support through every stage of a woman's life.

Among those provisions are Barrett's monthly healing arts classes, embracing women as a whole.

"The classes are for women of all ages, whether they have children or not, are going through menopause, or are dealing with any other situations women face. They can ask questions of the group and we'll listen, support them and offer what's needed," said Barrett. "It's all about loving yourself and feeling comfortable in your own skin."

Their groups are not only about the big girls though.

Wild Woman Wellness also holds a Healthy Girls Night once a month for young ladies from ages six to 13 who enjoy dancing, nail painting, and other fun girl activities that embrace their femininity. Run by Kasia Beznoska, Healthy Girls Nights allows participants the opportunity to make new friends in a safe and positive environment while just being girls.

"It's all about having getting together, having fun and giving them a 'community' to call their own," said Richardson.

Coming soon will be a Young Girls Circle, which is being created to further empower the next generation of women, she added.

Moms are not left out of the programs either. The weekly Wild Play Group gets moms and children together for lots of fun and socialization.

"It gives young kids the chance to have a great time with other boys and girls their age while moms get the chance to talk with other moms and just relax for a while," said Richardson.

Other activities are scheduled massages, Self-Love Yoga classes, community fundraisers with child portrait artist Sarah Chase of Chase Photography, and paint nights with artist Annie Bell.

"The paint nights are a great way to unwind. Even if you think you have no artistic ability she helps you feel artistic. At the end of the night lot of women end up saying, 'Wow, I didn't know this was in me,'" Richardson said.

Besides all of the activities and events, Richardson and Barrett also offer products they wholeheartedly recommend, such as massage oils, bath teas, oil spritzers and Reiki candles to help women relax at home. There are also organic and vegan lines of personal health care products like herbal bath soaps, shaving lotions for the men in their lives, and even organic baby powders.

Wild Woman Wellness Center is located in Unit 205 on the first floor of the Franklin Business Center at 20 Canal St. in downtown Franklin.

Dates and times for activities, group gatherings and therapeutic programs, along with prices for each, can be found through their Web site, www.wildwomanwellness.center, or on Facebook where those who "like" their page will be notified of upcoming specials and events.

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