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It's all fun and games at Winnisquam's Fall Family Fun Night

“Mo” of the Cedar and Mo Show was kept busy designing clever balloon hats for everyone who attended the second annual Fall Family Fun Night last Friday, like this hat he crafted for Molly, a sixth grade student at Winnisquam Middle School. (Donna Rhodes) (click for larger version)
October 17, 2012
TILTON — It was all fun and games at Winnisquam Middle School last Friday, when everyone was invited to join the faculty and staff for the second annual Fall Family Fun Night.

Principal Dr. Pamela Miller said the event was the brainchild of Physical Education teacher Brain McNutt, and the evening allows an opportunity for parents to enjoy time with their children at the school for a variety of games, activities and food.

"It's all been a collaboration of the PTO, the teachers and everyone working together, and it just makes for great fun," Miller said.

Just inside the entrance of the school, children were able to immediately jump right into the fun with amazing balloon creations and magical face painting designs, courtesy of the Cedar and Mo Show.

"There. An airhead is born," joked Mo as he placed one of his whimsical balloon hats on one of many in the long line of boys and girls.

From there, families moved on down the next hallway, where "A Minute to Win It" style games were set up. Challenges like Face the Cookie, Card Ninja and Ping Pong Drop tested everyone's skills as the clock ticked down.

"This is like television the game show, tweaked to fit the Winnisquam style," said art teacher Jessica Cobbett as she kept a close eye on her watch. "Everyone has a minute to finish whatever challenge they are trying."

The gym was also lined with more physical games where the children could take turns at floor hockey, Frisbee games, basketball free throwing, hula hoop challenges and a host of other fun activities.

"Each time they successfully complete one of the challenges, they get a raffle ticket," explained McNutt. "The more tickets they get and place in the bucket, the better their chances at winning."

Disc jockey Craig Untiet pulled a raffle ticket after every two songs he played, and each lucky winner was able to select from a pile of pumpkins.

"I want a pumpkin. I'm not leaving until I get one," said determined seventh grader Noah Wirth as he headed off to play more of the games.

The school cafeteria was where families had a chance to relax and unwind as they enjoyed pizza, hot and cold cider, and all types of tasty treats contributed by the PTO. Then, at 7:30 p.m., crowds filled the room to watch or participate in the ultimate game of the evening, "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?"

"This is our second fall festival and we made a few changes this year that have worked out well. Everyone's had a great time. It's just a fun night to get out and spend time with your children," said McNutt.

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