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Local election results reflect state and national trends

by Brendan Berube
Editor - Record-Enterprise
November 12, 2020
REGION — The same story that played out across both the state and the nation last Tuesday held true in the Pemi-Baker and Newfound regions, where demographics played a decisive role in whether local communities leaned toward the left or the right.

In Alexandria, Republican incumbent Donald Trump emerged as the local favorite for President, with 616 votes compared to the 440 cast for Democrat Joe Biden, who was ultimately declared the winner Saturday morning following several days during which election officials in key battleground states struggled to count an unprecedented number of absentee ballots. Libertarian Jo Jorgensen received 24 votes in Alexandria.

Alexandrians continued to show support for Republican candidates in other key races. Incumbent Gov. Chris Sununu, who cruised to a third term last week, received 775 votes to Democratic challenger Dan Feltes' 267, with Libertarian Darryl Perry trailing at 26 votes. Republican Corky Messner was favored over incumbent Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen, who successfully defended her seat, 542-491, with Libertarian Justin O'Donnell a distant third with 37 votes. Steve Negron, who challenged Democratic incumbent and eventual winner Annie Kuster for her seat in the Second Congressional District, was awarded 566 votes to Kuster's 459, while Libertarian Andrew Olding received 39. Republican Joe Kenney, who reclaimed his seat on the Executive Council from Democratic incumbent Mike Cryans was also the favorite in Alexandria, 663-366. Republican incumbent Bob Giuda, who emerged as the eventual winner in the state Senate race for District 2, was given 653 votes in Alexandria, while Democrat Bill Bolton received 378. Rounding out Alexandria's ballot, Republicans Ned Gordon and Lex Berezhny, who won election to the state House in Grafton District 9, received 466 and 725 votes, respectively, while Democrats Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban and Catherine Mulholland received 308 and 322, respectively. Democrat Joshua Adjutant, who barely eeked out a victory in Grafton District 17, received 451 votes in Alexandria, while Republican opponent Kendall Hughes was given 571. The remaining races were uncontested.

Ashland voters threw their support behind Biden, granting him 632 votes to Trump's 562, Jorgensen once again trailing with 24. Sununu again outpaced Feltes, 792-382, with Perry a distant third at 19. Shaheen was favored over Messner, 680-492, with O'Donnell trailing at 27, and Kuster was chosen over Negron 631-522, Olding coming in third with 35 votes. Kenney edged out Cryans 606-512, while Giuda handily beat Bolton 619-531. The District 9 race was split in Ashland, with 607 votes going to incumbent Gordon, 516 to Mulholland, 464 to Berezhny, and 456 to Fluehr-Lobban. Adjutant failed to carry his hometown, garnering 523 votes compared to the 647 cast for Hughes.

In Bristol, Trump was once again favored in the Presidential race, 994-842, with Jorgensen garnering 29 votes. Sununu was the overwhelming favorite for governor, 1,317-495, O'Donnell bringing up the rear at 49. Negron was given 965 votes to Kuster's 819, Olding trailing at 52, while Kenney handily beat Cryans, 1,063-692. Giuda outpaced Bolton 1,096-698. Gordon was awarded 1,207 votes, Berezhny 706, Mulholland 619, and Fluehr-Lobban 537. Hughes once again edged out Adjutant, 1,000-765.

A smaller population made the margins a bit tighter in Dorchester, where Trump received 124 votes to Biden's 105, Jorgensen bringing up the rear at 4. Sununu was favored over Feltes 153-71, while Perry had 5. Messner edged out Shaheen 115-111, with O'Donnell placing third at 7 votes. Negron bested Kuster by just one vote in Dorchester, 111-110, with Olding coming in third at 9, while Kenney outpaced Cryans 126-96 and Giuda Beat Bolton 141-91. In the House race for Grafton District 11, Republican frontrunner Beth Folsom received 131 votes to Democrat Timothy Josephson's 96, and in District 16, Republican Jeffrey Greeson, who ultimately led district-wide, garnered 121 votes Democrat Francesca Diggs' 105.

Ellsworth joined in on the trend of supporting Trump for the presidency, granting him 45 votes to Biden's 32, while Jorgensen earned a single vote. Sununu was once again favored over Feltes, 43-32, with Perry coming in third with one vote. Shaheen topped Messner, 45-27, O'Donnell placing third with four. Kuster received 43 votes to Negron's 32, Olding bringing up the rear at two votes, while Bolton outpaced Giuda 41-32. In the House race for Grafton County District 6, Democratic incumbent Kevin Maes received 39 votes to Republican and eventual victor Gail Sanborn's 32, while in District 16, Diggs garnered 41 votes to Greeson's 29.

Voters in Groton supported Trump 232-142, awarding Jorgensen six votes. Sununu outpaced Feltes 277-90, with Perry placing third at eight votes. Messner was favored over Shaheen 204-158, O'Donnell trailing with seven. Negron topped Kuster 209-147, Olding coming in a distant third place with 10, while Kenney beat out Cryans 235-121 and Giuda won out over Bolton 245-119. Sanborn received 233 votes to Maes' 125, and Greeson was favored over Diggs 221-131.

The Presidential race was much closer in Hebron, where Trump just barely edged out Biden 267-239, Jorgensen trailing at 14. By contrast, the gubernatorial contest was a runaway, Sununu receiving 390 votes to Feltes' 122, Perry again a distant third with four. Shaheen edged out Messner by a mere two votes, 257-255, with O'Donnell bringing up the rear at 10. Negron was favored over Kuster 278-227, Olding trailing behind with eight, while Kenney left Cryans far behind, 315-177 and Giuda bested Bolton 326-181. Hebron split its vote for House District 8, choosing Republicans Mike McLaughlin (267), George Kirk (265), and Democrat Suzanne Smith (242), while Republican Steven Benedetto brought in 241 votes and Democrats Sallie Fellows and Joyce Weston had 198 and 195, respectively. The three Democrats were ultimately elected.

In Hill, which reported a 74 percent turnout, voters showed their support for Trump over Biden, 403-224 (Jorgensen finishing with 8). Sununu bested Feltes 485-133 (Perry placing third with 13), while Messner outpaced Shaheen 338-262 (O'Donnell bringing up the rear with 18); Negron finished ahead of Kuster, 359-242 (Olding bringing in 14); Kenney outran Cryans 400-184; and Giuda bested Bolton 399-201.

Biden was the overwhelming favorite in Holderness, 890-569, with Jorgensen again placing third with 22 votes. Sununu again bested Feltes 843-618, Perry bringing up the rear with 14, while Shaheen far outpaced Messner 907-553, with O'Donnell at 23. Kuster outran Negron 867-579, Olding a distant third with 19, while Cryans saw one of his few local victories over Kenney, 781-641 and Bolton handily beat Giuda, 795-655. Smith (803), Fellows (807), and Weston (776) were heavily favored in Holderness over their Republican opponents Kirk (529), McLaughlin (599), and Benedetto (504).

New Hampton voters, who cast their ballots in Belknap County House District 1, threw their support behind Republican victor Tom Ploszaj over Democrat Robert Joseph, Jr. in that race, 876-589. They were also the only local community to vote in the heated First Congressional District race, favoring Republican Matt Mowers over Democratic incumbent Chris Pappas 795-668, with Libertarian Zachary Dumont placing third with 39. In the Presidential race, they favored Trump over Biden 810-697 (Jorgensen again trailing with 27), while Sununu was again the unquestionable favorite for governor, 1,065-440, Perry garnering 18 votes. Shaheen narrowly beat Messner in New Hampton, 763-721, O'Donnell bringing up the rear with 36. Kenney bested Cryans 885-584, and Giuda once again finished ahead of Bolton 886-608.

The Democratic ticket was heavily favored in Plymouth, with Biden outrunning Trump 2,214-1,123 (and 78 votes for Jorgensen); Shaheen besting Messner 2,251-938, while O'Donnell saw his best performance with 145 votes; Kuster finishing ahead of Negron 2,140-1,039, with Olding also posting his best performance, garnering 127 votes; Cryans seeing another victory over Kenney, 1,957-1,230; and Bolton outpacing Giuda 2,018-1,225. Democrats Smith (1,944), Fellows (1,847), and Weston (1,817) were also favored in the House race, followed by McLaughlin (1,158), Kirk (1,039), and Benedetto (979). The lone Republican to claim a victory at the polls in Plymouth was Sununu, who bested Feltes 1,690-1,530, while Perry posted a personal best for the day with 94 votes.

Voters in Rumney supported Trump over Biden 527-410, with Jorgensen placing a distant third with 19 votes, while Sununu again outpaced Feltes 644-281 (Perry garnering 18). Messner edged out Shaheen in Rumney, 489-434 (and 20 for O'Donnell); Negron finished ahead of Kuster 513-404 (with 20 votes going to Olding); Kenney topped Cryans 536-359; Giuda beat out Bolton 553-365; Sanborn bested Maes in the District 6 race, 520-394; and Greeson bested Diggs in District 16, 503-405.

Biden was back on top in Thornton, 958-737 (with Jorgensen getting 36 votes), while Sununu nearly doubled Feltes' numbers, 1,087-573 (Perry placing third with 29); Shaheen outpaced Messner 1,006-660 (with 47 for O'Donnell); and Kuster beat out Negron 951-696 (Olding finishing with 53). Kenney edged out Cryans 839-800; Sanborn bested Maes 853-804; and Diggs topped Greeson 851-785. In the state Senate race for District 1, Republican Erin Hennessey, the ultimate victor, finished ahead of Democrat Sue Ford, 846-821.

The Republicans ruled the day in Warren, with Trump besting Biden 275-189 (Jorgensen finishing with 14); Sununu beating Feltes 339-123 (with Perry garnering 14 votes); Negron outpacing Kuster 226-220 (Olding finishing third with 17); Kenney topping Cryans 269-173; and Giuda outrunning Bolton 319-148. The lone top of the ticket Democrat to perform well in Warren was Shaheen, who edged out Messner 230-215 (O'Donnell placing a distant third with 23).

Waterville Valley's voters leaned Democratic, supporting Biden over Trump 238-127 (and 4 for Jorgensen); Shaheen over Messner 239-129 (with four for O'Donnell); Kuster over Negron 222-144 (with four for Olding); Cryans over Kenney 199-157; and Theresa Swanick over incumbent Jeb Bradley in the state Senate race (which Bradley would ultimately win). The sole Republican to come out ahead in Waterville Valley was former Resort owner Sununu, who outpaced Feltes 222-142, with Perry earning four votes.

Sununu also put up a strong showing in Wentworth, where he easily bested Feltes 444-155 (plus 14 votes for Perry). Wentworth voters also showed their support for Trump over Biden 323-280 (and 13 for Jorgensen); Messner over Shaheen 327-265 (O'Donnell finishing third with 19); Negron over Kuster 346-239 (Olding bringing up the rear with 22); Kenney over Cryans 379-209; and Giuda over Bolton, 390-221.

Editor's note: Results from Bridgewater and Campton were not available as of our press deadline for this week's edition.

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