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Plymouth Area Community Closet still providing services to community

July 03, 2020
PLYMOUTH – There has been much confusion as to the status of many businesses since the shutdown orders for Coronavirus were implements in March, but the Plymouth Area Community Closet wants to assure their customers and loyal supporters that they are still serving their 17 communities in a few capacities, and hope to reopen all their services again in the near future.

While the Keep the Heat On fuel assistance program is not necessary at this time of year, PACC is working hard behind the scenes to ensure it will be funded and ready to assist residents in the coming months.

"The board has been busy applying for grants, emergency funding and anything else we can find to keep us afloat," said member Karen Krumenaker.

Leading the charge on the grant writing has been JoAnne Cordera, with much-appreciated assistance from a few other knowledgeable board members, Krumenaker said.

"It's not an easy process, and JoAnne has spearheaded it all. She's been just great," she said.

In the meantime, the PACC Food Pantry is still available to residents, although other services such as Meals for Many and the Thrift Shop are closed for the time being.

Krumenaker said that even though other area thrift shops are re-opening, the board felt that their shop is not suited for social distancing and other requirements set by government and health agencies.

"We just don't feel it would be safe for us to open the thrift shop right now," she said, "but we're using this time to re-think how we have things set up. We have limited space and volunteers and feel we may made need to consider new ways to run things now."

With safety in mind, they also want to be certain they can provide plastic shields at the register, along with facemasks, gloves and hand sanitizer for their limited volunteer staff as well as their customers. Another concern is the incoming donations they receive from the public and ways in which they can be safely handled.

"They say the virus doesn't stay on items like clothing and all, but we really don't know where most of these donations come from, so that's something we want to consider for the future. We want to find a way to handle everything coming in to the store," Krumenaker said.

The good news though is that they are working on plans to re-organize the store for a Grand Re-opening in the coming weeks. In the meantime, additional plans are also being made to host a tent sale sometime on August where PACC can spaciously allow people to shop for clothing and back-to-school items.

"Everyone should keep their eyes open for future announcements," she said. "Right now, we're re-inventing ourselves and the ways we can best serve the community. We miss the people as much as they miss us, and we want them all to know haven't forgotten them — we just want to make sure they're safe when they come to our shop."

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