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Plymouth Farmers' Market offers more than ever

Nancy Shedrick of North Star Botanicals in Wentworth joined the Plymouth Farmers' Market this year, offering beautiful bouquets to compliment any home or office. (Photo by Donna Rhodes) (click for larger version)
August 01, 2019
PLYMOUTH – Each year, the Plymouth Farmers' Market gets better and better as organizers seek to bring fresh fruits and vegetables, locally sourced meats and dairy products along with homemade baked goods, jams, jellies and sauces to one central location for shoppers. Throw in a number of talented local crafters who offer their wares and it's easy to see how it has become a weekly destination for residents and summertime visitors alike.

This year is no exception, and in fact includes a few new faces in the market. Last week Yeoman Brewing Company of Woodsville was on hand with their own tea, chago, kombucha and lemonade while just down the row, Wentworth resident Nancy Shedrick of North Star Botanicals was busy creating dozens of fresh floral bouquets to adorn any dinner table and had a wide assortment of handmade soap available, too.

Another newcomer for 2019 is Mad Professor's Mushrooms. Dr. Thomas Stoughton is a botanist who specializes in wild foraged edibles. At his booth last week he had baskets filled with freshly picked Lobster Mushrooms, Golden Chanterelle and more, all found in the nearby forests. Stoughton said he and his wife are both botanists and he has not only been picking mushrooms for the past 17 years, but teaching and lecturing on the topic for many years as well. While he is off for two weeks to attend a conference in the Midwest, he will return on Aug. 15 to finish off the season. Those interested in learning more about mushrooms and how to find and prepare them are invited to register to join him on Aug. 11 & 18 at D Acres Farm in Dorchester for a special Forest to Table foraging and dining experience.

Each week, there are an average of 19 vendors at the market offering everything from veggies, fruits and meats to dairy products, eggs, and freshly prepared or frozen meals that are ready to heat and eat. Lines also form at Peaked Moon's Pizza and Bread table as people take home the perfect bread to compliment the meals they've shopped for.

Besides foods from many local farms and homesteads, the crafters on site offer handmade birdhouses, jewelry, art and other great items for home or gift giving purposes. Relaxing chair massages are available, too, and all of it is set to the sounds of soft music that fills the marketplace.

This Thursday the energy will be ramped up though as Plymouth Farmers' Market holds a special Kids Day event with the marketplace surrounded by children's activities like a bouncy house, a treasure hunt and a visit from the H.A. Rey Center in Waterville Valley, home of Curious George.

The market is located outside the Plymouth Area Senior Center on Green Street in downtown Plymouth, and is open each Thursday from 3-6 p.m. from now until Sept. 26. SNAP benefits are also accepted toward any food purchases.

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