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Wentworth students show off their talents

For the Fourth Annual Wentworth Community Variety Show, fourth and fifth grade students at Wentworth Elementary School wowed their audience with geographical knowledge and an entertaining musical/dance performance of "Wakko's America." (Photo by Donna Rhodes) (click for larger version)
April 25, 2019
WENTWORTH When talent, determination and hard work come together, it can bring great things, and on April 18, the Fourth Annual Wentworth Community Variety Show had all those elements, making the evening a big success.

Opening the standing room only event was fifth grade student Layla Ansaldi with the singing of the National Anthem. From there the talent continued from the opening "Walkin' On Sunshine" ensemble performance to the closing all school dance to "Footloose."

Wentworth's very first community variety show took place during the town's 250th anniversary celebration in 2016. It was such a hit with residents that WES has now made it a tradition; the school even formed a Talent Club to prepare for the spring event.

"We started off the first year (2017) with just 20 students in the club, but now half the school has joined the club," said teacher Sarah Cormiea.

She, Hannah Paquette and Amber Comtois head up the talent club and through their afterschool program have discovered the Wentworth truly does have talent.

"This has been my dream for the past 13 years and it's finally come true," said Cormiea. "We have some amazing talent here that we never would have known about had it not been for this club."

This year's variety show had something for everyone. There were singing performances, dance routines, comedy acts, gymnastics and even a little magic, not to mention a skit titled "Dill With It" by student teacher Josie Taylor and fourth grade student Simeon Crane that involved a pickle eating contest.

Dances included a performance by eighth grade girls Briana Morrison and Shiloh Crane to "The Greatest." The Kindergarten and first grade students also stepped up to deliver a crowd pleasing dance of their own to "Beat Go Pop," and adding a dramatic element to their contribution was Delaney Comtois, Addison Kay, Eli Crane Harry Dixon and Tavan Wilms with their interpretive dance to the song "Don't Stop Believing."

Gymnastics performers included a group routine to "Rewrite the Stars" from Josephone Santom, Hayley Kulenski, Troy Douglas and Siearra Wilms. Brook Ansaldi and Ava Thompson also performed to the song "Stay." There was even a Hula Hoop skills performance by Andrew Grignon and Owen Randall.

A comedy act tilted "Granny Showdown" included a few pies in the face and a lot of laughs while The Comedic Stylings of Harry Dixon and Eli Crane was filled with one-liners that also had everyone laughing. Crane capped each joke off with an old vaudeville-style drum roll and clang from his cymbal.

Connor Clayton brought Principal Joe Sampson into his act when he amazed the audience with "The Clayton Family Card Trick." At the end, Clayton left everyone, including Sampson, wondering just how he did it.

Vocal performances dominated the night though, with songs from many of the students, including "The Natural" by Patrick and Sammy Youngs, Eric Charache and Brandin Dickinson. Harry Dixon's rendition of "I Believe I can Fly" was cleverly performed from a hanging platform while the fourth and fifth grade class came together for a lively tune titled "Wakko's America," that included the capitols of all fifty states,

Bringing down the house however were four-year-old Brooke and her three-year-old sister Paisley who grabbed the microphones to sing along to the classic tune, "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen. The two tiny tots poured their heart and soul into both their singing and expressions that brought down the house when they were done.

When the school performances were over, the community had a few talents to offer as well. Local musician Rick Clogston entertained everyone with his guitar rendition of a song about "Lord of the Rings." Teacher Zach Denoncour and Rumney student Cade Earick grabbed their own guitars for Pink Floyd's nostalgic hit, "Wish You Were Here," and WES's very own faculty band, The Washed Up Hasbeens, played "Man On the Moon" by R.E.M. The band was comprised of Denocour on lead guitar, Chris McSavage on bass and Sampson on drums.

A little luck also came into play at the event when a free raffle for two $100 prizes was held, thanks to a generous donation from a longtime resident of the community.

Refreshments for the night were also available through the student "Peer Leaders" group and the PTO, with proceeds benefitting a new Butterfly Garden at the school and a yearly semi-formal dance for the middle school students.

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