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During his retirement party last Friday, Plymouth's longtime fire chief, Casino Clogston, posed for a photo with his wife and children. With him from left to right are daughters Grace and Ruby, son Louis and his wife Heather. (Photo by Donna Rhodes) (click for larger version)
April 03, 2019
PLMOUTH – Plymouth's Fire Station was a busy place last Friday as residents, business owners, town officials and even state fire officials dropped in to wish Chief Casino Clogston well in his retirement.

Clogston was with the department for nearly three decades, serving as its chief since 2008. One by one people thanked him for his years of service and dedication to the town and let him now how much he will be missed. As he in turn thanked them, he explained that he said the time for him to return to the private sector and do something different with his life.

"I've been talking about retiring for awhile now. My oldest daughter is in eighth grade and my time with her is almost gone. I've been doing this for 29 years, I still have my health and it's just time for a change," Clogston said.

Spending time with his family tops the list of things he will do now. He also enjoys working with his hands so he hopes he can finally have a chance to make some improvements to his camp in Pittsburg along with other projects around their home.

As for his wife Heather, those plans are music to her ears.

"I think this is fantastic," she said. "This job has been his whole life but it takes him away from home and the whole family. He's given so much to the community and now he'll have more time with us."

Having recently purchased a new home, she looks forward to the renovations they want to make and hopes he can get back to some of his old hobbies like hunting and fishing as well.

While the EMTs and firefighters will miss Clogston's leadership, the one department who may arguably miss him the most though will be his administrative assistant, Bonnie Stevens.

"I've worked with him for twelve years and I've gotten him 'trained;' I don't want him to go," she said. "I am very happy for him though. He's done a lot of good things and it's time for him to move on to something else."

His children even stopped by the retirement party during their lunch break at school. The three were excited to know that starting April 1 their dad would no longer be running out the door in the middle of dinner or even in the middle of dinner.

"It's going to be good. We get to spend more time with him now," his son Louis said.

Clogston said he was glad to know he was leaving the department in the capable hands of Tom Morrison, who served as his deputy chief, and Capt. Jeremy Bonan, who has now become Morrison's deputy.

"This is good for the department- people moving up and bringing fresh new ideas with them. We've got the right people here and things will be fine," Clogston said. "But will I miss it? Oh yeah."

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