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March 21, 2019
REGION – After rallies in voter participation over the last few election cycles pertaining to state and federal candidacies, most towns in the Newfound and Pemi-Baker Region reported low voter turnout for local elections on March 12.

Results of the town elections are as follows.

Alexandria: There were no contested races. For selectman Robert Piehler received 286 votes; Treasurer, Melanie Marzola, 286; Trustee of the Trust Funds, Susan Hunt, 292; Trustee of the Cemeteries, Susan Hunt, 289; Planning Board, two openings, Karen Demers 250, Ian MacInnis 202.

Ashland: Eli Badger received 168 votes in an uncontested race for Selectmen; David Ruell was elected to a term on the Budget Committee by a vote of 158-109 over Kathy Beard; Mark Ober, Sr. was elected as a Trustee of the Trust Funds, 204-73, in a run against Walter Durack; elected as Library Trustee, Alica Staples; Electric Commissioner, Glenn Dion; Water and Sewer Commissioner, Alan Cilley; Cemetery Trustee, Bobbi Hoerter.

Bridgewater: There were no contested races. Henry Woolner was re-elected to the Board of Selectmen. Katherine Hicks won a write-in campaign for Library Trustee and with no candidates for Trustee of the Trust Funds, selectmen will appoint someone to fill that opening. At their town meeting that night, all three articles on the warrant were approved, including a 46-10 vote that will allow Keno in Bridgewater.

Bristol: In a three-way race for two openings on the Board of Selectmen, Leslie Dion received 267 votes and J.P. Morrison had 239 for the win. They were followed by John Voebel who had 202 votes. In other contested races, Joseph Caristi and David Carr received 259 and 200 votes respectively for two one-year Budget Committee seats while Scott Sanschagrin received 165 votes; and for two 3-year openings on the Budget Committee Walter Waring had 296 votes while write-in candidate Tom Keampfer had 27. With three positions open for Library Trustees, Kathleen Haskell got 334 votes, Shirley Yorks had 272, and Tom Kaempfer received 26 write-in votes. A petitioned article to allow Keno in Bristol failed by a vote of 181-202.

Campton: For Selectman, Bill Cheney and Karl Kelley received 219 and 225 votes respectively to win two three-year seats on the board, while challenger Sean Tole had 181 votes. Dan Boynton defeated Virginia Stickney Erickson for a one-year term as selectman by a vote of 284-95. There were no other contested races.

Danbury: In the only contested race for Road Agent, Jeremy Cornell won out over Dale Cook, 214-114. On their 2019 warrant, voters in Danbury approved all nine articles, including a $1,357,644 operating budget and a move to change both the police chief and road agent terms to three-years instead of one.

Dorchester: There were no contested races. Craig Veasey received 41 votes for selectman; Town Treasurer Eleanor Myles, 39 votes; two Planning Board seats were won by William Trought, 41 votes, and Robert Green, 39; Cemetery Trustee, Shawn Russell had 44 votes.

Groton: In the only contested race for two seats on the Planning Board, David Madden received 76 votes and Kristina Brody had 66 votes to give them the win, followed closely by Glen Hansen who received 58 votes. For two three-year terms on the Zoning Board, the only clear winner was Glen Hansen with 90 votes, while Peter Smith received the most write-in votes, four. For two two-year terms on Zoning, Gary Easson had 13 votes with three votes written in for Peter Smith.

Hill: J. Michael Brady received 97 votes in his unchallenged run for selectman, George Wilson received 102 for a two-year term on the Budget Committee, and for three of the three-year openings on that same committee it was Steve Yannuzzi (94), Gerard Desrochers (23) and Paula McDonough (4). For Town Treasurer Judith Brady had 109 votes, Russ Bailey received 13 votes for Town Trust Funds Trustee, Shaun Bresnahan got 15 votes for Cemetery Trustee, Anne Ford had 107 votes for Checklist Supervisor and Sandra Boyce had 105 votes for Library Trustee.

Holderness: A three-way race for two Library Trustee openings ended with Betsy Whitmore receiving 138 votes and Andrew Herring 97 to take the win, while challenger Alan Mather had 81 votes. Selectmen will be Sam Breckley (166 votes) and Kelly Schwaner (163 votes), Daniel Rossner won the Moderator position, Brinton Woodward, Jr. was elected to the Trustee of the Trust Funds opening and Earl Hansen won the three-year term for Fire Ward.

New Hampton: With no contest this year, Neil Irvine will serve another term on the Board of Selectmen, Regina Schofield Adams won a full term as Town Clerk/Tax Collector, David Katz will serve as Trustee of the Trust Funds and Theo Denoncour was elected to a three-year term for the Sarah MacGregor Scholarship Fund.

Plymouth: For two openings on the Board of Selectmen it was incumbent William Bolton with 199 votes and Katharina Kelsey with 250 votes for the win. They were followed by Mike Weaver who received 130 votes. Karen Freitas was re-elected as Town Clerk, Linda Buffington won the Tax Collector position and Robert Clay will serve another term as Town Moderator. In other unchallenged races, Supervisor of the Checklist went to Mary Halloran, A. Joan Bowles won a seat for Library Trustees, Janet Currier was elected as a Trustee of the Trust Fund, and Jenny Thibeault will serve three years as a Cemetery Trustee.

Rumney: In a four-way contest for Selectman, Robert "Bob" Berti won with 130 votes. He was followed by Peter Jackson (83 votes), Isaac DeWever (56 votes), and Joseph Shilansky, Jr. (47 votes). In other uncontested races, Lila Williams will serve as Town Clerk/Tax Collector, Judith Hall will serve three years on the Planning Board while Cheryl Lewis won the one-year opening on the board. Linda LaPrad. Regina Rinaldo and Richard Lewis were elected as Cemetery Trustees, Janice Mulhern won a term for Trustee of the Trust Funds, Roger Daniels will serve as Library Trustee, and Terry French won an opening for Fire Commissioner.

Thornton: Joseph Monti defeated John Paul-Hilliard in a close race for selectman by a vote of 115-108. The only other contests were for Supervisor of the Checklist where it was Mary Pelchat over Clarissa Uttley, 136-51, and Cemetery Trustee where Peter Laufenberg defeated Duncan Booth by a vote of 121-95. Diane Gravel prevailed in a write-in vote for Library Trustee, Anthony Torino won a three-year term for Trustee of the Trust Fund while Ralph Bradley came out on top of a write-in vote for the two-year term as a trustee. Planning Board winners were Peter Laufenberg and Donna O'Donnell, Donna Monti won a full term as Town Clerk and Marianne Peabody won the position of Overseer of Public Welfare.

Waterville Valley: Mike Aronson was re-elected to the Board of Selectmen, Cheryl Moak won the seat for Library Trustees and Terry Waite took the one-year term for Town Clerk. In a write-in campaign to join the Trustee of the Trust Fund, Chris Bierbrier received the most votes. All warrant articles on their ballot passed.

Wentworth: A two person race for a three-year tern as selectman resulted in Morgan Currier defeating Jeffrey Greeson, 89-24. For the two year term, Omer Ahern, Jr. took that seat and Francis Muzzey was elected for the one-year opening. Neither candidates were challenged. Jeffrey Ames, R. Pete Chierichetti and Brian DuBois were elected to the Fire Commission, while Deborah Vlk won the position of Treasurer, Linda Franz took the Town Trustee opening and Sharon Sanborn will serve as Library Trustee. All other open positions had no formal candidates and were subject to write-in results.

Results from the town of Warren were not available as of our press deadline for this week's edition, and the town of Hebron now holds its annual meeting and election in May.

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