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Fire suppression efforts temporarily displace residents of Plymouth Terrace

February 20, 2019
PLYMOUTH – On Saturday, Feb. 16, firefighters were called to 36 Adrian's Way in Plymouth for an alarm activation at Plymouth Terrace, a 30-unit residential apartment building.

Deputy Chief Tom Morrison said that upon arrival, crews from Plymouth Fire & Rescue heard reports of a kitchen fire in an apartment on the third floor of the building and while making their way to that apartment, they encountered a heavy bank of smoke in the upstairs hallway that reached all the way to the floor.

"Upon entering the apartment, it was discovered that the automatic sprinkler system had knocked down a majority of the fire. The remainder of the fire was put out with a fire extinguisher," Morrison said.

Plymouth police assisted the fire department in evacuating all residents who were remaining in the building at the time of their arrival. Fortunately there were no injuries to either residents or emergency responders.

"Had it not been for the rapid response of fire crews and the presence of automatic sprinklers, the fire damage would have been much more severe," the deputy chief said.

While the sprinkler system did extinguish most of the flames and prevent the fire from spreading, the amount of water it expelled did cause significant other damage to the building, and caused the residences to be deemed inhabitable for the time being.

Plymouth officials then moved swiftly to make arrangements for housing the tenants until restoration repairs could be made, and the American Red Cross was called in to set up a temporary emergency shelter at the Plymouth Town Hall.

Red Cross officials said six residents who sustained damage in their apartments were taken in at the shelter, where their volunteers and the town offered assistance until it has been deemed safe for them to return home. While those six were accommodated for at the town hall, others who were displaced by the incident were able to find shelter at nearby Bridge House or with family and friends.

Plymouth Fire Department continues to work with the New Hampshire State Fire Marshal's office to determine the exact cause of that fire.

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