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Bobcats finally get alpine season under way at Cranmore

by Joshua Spaulding
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Olivia Palmiter led the Plymouth alpine girls at Cranmore on Friday. Joshua Spaulding. (click for larger version)
January 13, 2014
NORTH CONWAY — The one thing that most people think would be good for a ski team has hurt the Plymouth alpine team a bit in the early season.

Winter weather caused numerous school cancellations and the cancellation of the first meet of the season, leaving the Bobcats still searching for an identity as they headed to Cranmore for the first meet on Jan. 10.

"There's not much we can do about the weather," coach Dan LeBlanc said.

However, the large amount of snow did lead to the first time that LeBlanc can remember that the ski jumping team was out on its home jump before Christmas.

The alpine Bobcats will be a young team, but LeBlanc has a large number of athletes out for the squad this year.

"We have a lot of kids," he said. "Quite a few freshmen came out and we have some first time sophomores and juniors."

On the boys' side of things, LeBlanc expects Nate Maves-Moore to return to the top of the lineup for the Bobcats, while returning skiers Ian McKinnon, Dylan McIntosh and Silas Murray all skied on the State Meet team last year and will serve as senior leaders this year.

"And I have a bunch of freshmen I haven't really seen ski yet," LeBlanc said. "But I know their strong skiers."

On the girls' side of things, Annie Schwartz is back as the senior captain for this season and Rose Shimberg also returns after skiing in the scoring position all last year.

LeBlanc expects newcomers Olivia Palmiter, Jessie Ouelette and Hanna Bancroft to also fit in nicely with the squad.

The team spent time training at the Kanc in Lincoln, getting in tons of runs on the public hill.

"We get lap after lap after lap," LeBlanc said. "The kids will become good slalom skiers up there."

The Bobcats opened the season a week late on Friday, Jan. 10, as they headed to Cranmore for a meet with Kennett and Kingswood.

The giant slalom started off the day and the Bobcat boys finished second behind the host Eagles.

Maves-Moore was the top Bobcat boy, as he finished 11th overall in 49.82 seconds.

Will Johnstone was the second scorer for Plymouth, crossing in 50.18 to take 12th place overall. McKinnon finished in 14th in 50.9 and Tucker Boyd rounded out the scoring for the Bobcats with an 18th place finish in 51.77.

Gabe Fagan was 23rd in 53.99, Sam Stone was 26th in 55.14, Spencer Lajoie was 29th in 55.23, Noah Smialek was 33rd in 56.31, George Wendell was 34th in 57.48, Cam Sweeney was 36th in 58.73, Stephen Buttolph was 37th in 59.96, Drew Hodges was 40th in 1:00.41, Austin Snell was 41st in 1:00.77, Josh Rosen was 42nd in 1:01.59, McIntosh was 43rd in 1:06.99, Keith McLean was 44th in 1:13.98, Bryan Lewis was 45th in 1:15.55 and Andrew Gabbeit was 46th in 1:57.73.

In the afternoon slalom, it was Boyd leading the way for the Bobcats, as he finished seventh overall in 1:18.68, with Buttolph in eighth in 1:19.1. Plymouth again finished second behind Kennett.

Fagan finished in ninth with a time of 1:19.89 and McKinnon rounded out the scoring in 12th place in 1:27.15.

Gabbeit was 17th in 1:27.15, McIntosh was 18th in 1:27.65, Johnstone was 21st in 1:30.64, Lajoie was 22nd in 1:31.7, Tom Horan was 25th in 1:36, Maves-Moore was 27th in 1:37.66, Rosen was 28th in 1:39.79, Smialek was 31st in 1:41.66, Snell was 33rd in 1:45.22, McLean was 38th in 1:59.01, Wendell was 39th in 2:01.31 and Lewis was 41st in 2:33.02.

The Bobcat girls also finished in second behind Kennett in both giant slalom and slalom.

Palmiter led the way in the morning giant slalom with an eighth place finish in 51 seconds.

Bancroft was 12th overall in 51.34 seconds, followed by Ouelette in 52.68 seconds for 18th place.

Shimberg rounded out the scoring with a 20th place finish in 52.78 seconds.

Schwartz was 25th in 57.58, Courtney Lewis was 29th in 59.72, Hannah Winpenny was 30th in 1:00.05, Abby Coes was 31st in 1:00.45, Abby Clark was 36th in 1:06.95, Mary Shannon O'Hara was 37th in 1:07.71 and Sarah Scheinman was 38th in 1:12.36.

Palmiter also led the way in the slalom, finishing in fourth in 1:16.84, with Bancroft placing seventh overall in 1:17.65.

Shimberg was third in a time of 1:19.1, which placed her eighth overall and Ouelette was ninth in 1:20.39 to round out the scoring for Plymouth.

Lewis was 23rd in 1:42.78, Schwartz was 24th in 1:45.27, Winpenny was 28th in 1:58.81, Clark was 29th in 2:01.34, O'Hara was 30th in 2:08.36 and Scheinman was 31st in 2:18.39.

The Bobcats have this week off for exams and will be back at it on Friday, Jan. 24, at King Pine.

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