LHS trio are leaders in future health workers organization

December 18, 2013
LITTLETON — Three LHS students are helping lead the state chapter of a national organization. Morgan Ross, Hayley Norman, and Paige Kezerian serve HOSA-Future Health Professionals. The organization is formerly known as Health Occupations Students of America.

The LHS trio works with three other New Hampshire students and an advisor to administer the organization's state chapter. The officers were elected last spring at a state conference that 400 people attended.

An important part of HOSA-FHP is a national fundraising campaign related to health care. Across the country, each chapter "raises money for the same cause," Norman said. Like last year, the current fundraising effort focuses on a cure for cystic fibrosis.

State officers must also travel around the state to speak with other students about HOSA-FHP. Ross said talking to fellow students helps schools learn about the advantages to being in a national organization. Regarding the trio's travels to other schools, Norman said, "That's the really cool part" of being a state officer.

Kezerian said her leadership role has boosted her confidence and public speaking skills. Through interaction with fellow officers, other students, and members throughout the country, she said, HOSA-FHP "teaches you more than just the health field."

Ross agreed. Before being an officer, she said public speaking was difficult. Speeches before even large groups now are far less stressful, Ross said.

Norman suggested another great benefit to being an officer. With much planning to do, she said the trio has been "learning that details matter."

Each LHS officer participates in the school district's health sciences program at the Gallen Career and Technical Center. Being in the CTC program is not a requirement to be a member of HOSA.

The strong health sciences program in SAU 84 allows students to see the importance of health careers, the officers said. Ross said practicing CPR on the Sim Man at the CTC is one example of the district's excellent program. Errors can be detected in a student's technique, which makes for a great learning experience.

Thanks to the Sim Man and technology at the CTC, Kezerian said, "We're going to be really prepared." Norman added the health sciences lab at the center "exposes us to real-life scenarios."

HOSA was founded in 1976. The organization, with national headquarters in Texas, has nearly 120,000 members across the country. A primary goal of the organization is to ensure continued interest in health careers to meet the growing demand for health care services. For more information, go to

At a school board meeting last month, Ross, Norman, and Kezerian spoke to the school board. After the presentation, Superintendent Keith Pfeifer said the three officers are examples of how students are "applying learning to their growth and development" in Littleton. To the trio, Pfeifer said, "We're incredibly proud of you."

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