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Brown brothers, Follansbee to be inducted into Newfound Hall of Fame

September 08, 2021
BRISTOL — Calvin Follansbee, Trevor Brown and Dean Brown are the first "tag team" nominated and inducted into the Newfound Athletics Hall of Fame. They will be joining the class of 2021 inductees this fall. All three athletes graduated from Bristol High School from the class of 1942. They were all very active, but really made a name for themselves on the baseball diamond.

Calvin and Trevor were born two weeks apart from each other and grew up in Bristol as best friends. Dean, older brother of Trevor, was a dominant pitcher and helped Calvin and Trevor form some phenomenal baseball seasons for Bristol. Aside from pitching, Dean would also spend his time at shortstop. Calvin and Trevor were the co-captains of the 1942 team. Calvin played behind the plate as the catcher and Trevor controlled the "hot corner" at third base and pitched as well.

After coming off of a 1941 championship baseball season, Calvin, Trevor and Dean led the 1942 Bristol High baseball team to a record of 10-0 and were Pemi League Champions. This 1942 team was coached by 2016 Newfound Athletics Hall of Fame inductee Chet Wells. Coach Wells utilized Dean Brown on the mound early and often. Dean Brown, amazingly, never lost a game that he pitched during his entire high school career.

Shortly after high school, all three athletes enlisted in the armed forces. In fact, every male member of the class of 1942 at Bristol High School ended up joining the armed forces. Sadly, Calvin and Trevor lost their lives fighting for their country in World War II. Both boys came into the world born two weeks apart and sadly left the world nearly two weeks a part. The boys were killed 10 days from each other during the war. It is noted that when the bodies of Calvin and Trevor came home to Bristol they were honored with a double funeral and one of the largest funeral ceremonies that Bristol had ever hosted. Their ceremony proves the special impact that they had on the Bristol community.

Special thanks to Gail Bartlett for her nominations and research conducted to support Calvin, Trevor and Dean.

Newfound will be celebrating its sixth annual Athletics Hall of Fame Ceremony on Oct. 3 at Newfound Regional High School. This year Newfound will be welcoming in five individuals and one team. Congratulations to Diane (O'Connor) George, Kelsey (Watson) Maxwell, Calvin Follansbee, Trevor Brown, Dean Brown and the 1994/1995 Newfound Regional High School boys' basketball team.

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