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Baseball Bears prepared for dealing with pandemic

April 01, 2021
BRISTOL — Last week we looked at Newfound Regional High School's upcoming track season and what coach Mike LaPlume envisioned it to look like. He was optimistic in his response, and believes that, even with the pandemic and its regulations, the track season will be a success. The second article focusing on spring athletics will look at baseball and its own coaches' protocols for operating with COVID. The head baseball coach at Newfound, coach Tim Moreau, gave us his insight on what that will entail.

While baseball isn't considered a "close-contact" sport, it's still likely that athletes will talk and work with those on their team, as well as those that they compete against. In order to minimize any possibility of spreading COVID, Moreau has a game plan that should work to curb this.

"We're currently trying to spread the groups out a little bit, so that we have two groups practicing with two coaches. It ends up being about 6-7 guys for each coach," he said. "When it comes to games, we will have to spread our benches out on the field, since with our new club house, it's kind of condensed. Masks are still a priority for them to wear for games and practices, and we ask the players to be responsible for their health outside of baseball too."

Taking into account the always-changing guidelines regarding the pandemic, we asked Moreau if he felt that this baseball season would be a success for his team.

"I think it will be good. We have a great group of guys this year and I think we have the potential to go pretty far into the playoffs. These games coming up are going to prepare us for the post-season, so that we can really compete. We just have to be responsible as a team, so that we are able to continue the season," he said.

Lastly, we asked Moreau if there were any final comments he wanted to finish with.

"For people that want to come and support, come and support us. We have games on Mondays and Wednesdays, and if you check the high school website they will be posted. If you want to follow us as well, we have our own Facebook Page. Invite yourself to that and I will be able to accept you and you'll be able to stay updated."

In closing the trilogy on the early stages of spring athletics during the pandemic, we will talk to the varsity softball coach, Kelly Meegan, in the next article.

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