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Ash Cottage named to Register of Historic Places

August 06, 2020
HEBRON – Last week, the New Hampshire Division of Historical places announced that the State Historical Resources Council added 11 properties to the state's registry and among those was Ash Cottage in the Town of Hebron.

Hebron was incorporated in 1792, and in 1860 Ash Cottage was built on a 34-acre parcel of property owned at that time by the Crosby family. Originally constructed as a farmhouse on agricultural and wetlands beside Hebron Marsh, it was eventually converted into a summer home by out-of-state dwellers during a tourism boom in the late 1800s, said Shelly Angers of the New Hampshire Department of Natural and Cultural Resources.

The building, Anger said, is a wonderful example of a New Hampshire farmhouse that continued to evolve to suit the changing needs of its owners for more than 200 years.

Today, Ash Cottage is part of the Newfound Audubon Center, where people can explore trails and enjoy the flowers, wildlife and other natural features of the lake, fields and marshland.

Ash Cottage is located at 50 North Shore Rd. in Hebron, on the northern end of Newfound Lake.

Varney Smith
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