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Market Basket opens new store in Plymouth

When Plymouth Market Basket opened last Friday, customers found not only great deals on food and household goods but beautiful flowers, small shrubs and vegetables for their outdoor gardens. (Photo by Donna Rhodes) (click for larger version)
May 21, 2020
PLYMOUTH – After nearly three years of anticipation by residents of Plymouth and surrounding communities, the wait finally came to an end last Friday morning, when officials from Market Basket turned on the Open sign and welcomed customers. The new 70,000-square-foot store on Tenney Mountain Highway is fully stocked with everything a shopper could want.

Joe Schmidt, Market Basket's regional Supervisor of Operations, was on hand for opening day and said both he and his company were very happy to finally be in the Plymouth area.

"We've looked forward to this and appreciate everyone's patience as this store came about. We're very grateful for the way we've been embraced by this community and thankful to finally be a part of it," said Schmidt.

Due to social distancing guidelines set forth by the government, the store's square footage, for now, allows a maximum of186 shoppers inside at one time, but with a full team of cashiers and other associates poised to assist their customers, Schmidt said that was not a problem, even on a busy opening day.

"The shopper limit allows for us to provide good social distancing inside the store. We've had a nice, consistent flow of shoppers all day, with a maximum wait of about only about five minutes to go inside," he said.

For most shoppers during the noon hour that day, they no sooner lined up outside the eastern entrance before they were welcomed through the doors.

The newest Market Basket store in the state has brought 300 jobs to the area. All employees were fully trained for their positions at the Tilton Market Basket store, and were eager to now provide the best customer service possible to their Plymouth area shoppers on opening day.

Mike LeClair is the manager of the Plymouth Market Basket, and was pleased to see such a warm reception from the community.

"It's really nice to bring a facility of this size to the area with all we have to offer," LeClair said.

Besides the amply stocked aisles of food and household goods, the Plymouth Market Basket has a number of specialty areas, he said. Among them is the Butcher Block with certified Angus beef and a wide variety of marinated meats ready for the grill, skillet or oven. There is also fresh seafood along with an enticing Sushi bar, each offering the freshest products available.

The produce section is well lit by windows along the western wall and fully stocked with all types of vegetables, herbs and fruits. Containers of freshly cut fruits are just one other item available for easy snacking or home dessert preparations. Located right beside the produce section, shoppers will find a colorful array of flower bouquets and an assortment of houseplants to beautify their home or dinner table, too.

And as if that's not enough there's a grill area with hot foods made to go, a brick oven pizza shop and even a café.

"The café is really great," said LeClair. "We have soft serve ice cream, freshly popped popcorn, coffee, iced coffee, espresso, mochas, you name it!"

While safety guidelines have closed an adjoining seating area beside the café for now, he said they look forward to opening that room just as soon as possible.

The front sidewalk is currently lined with pots of shrubs, flowering plants and vegetables for home gardens, too, with a convenient check out center just for those items.

Shoppers on opening day were thrilled with all they found at the new Market Basket.

"I love it here! I feel like I'm in heaven," said Bristol resident Janet Russell who works in Plymouth. "They have everything. It's all so well arranged and their pizza is really good, too. I'm so happy it's finally here!"

Plymouth Market Basket is located on Ridge View Lane, just off Tenney Mountain Highway, and open seven days a week from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m., with special Senior shopping hours from 6-7 a.m. daily.

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