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Local communities see historic turnout for midterms

November 14, 2018
REGION – The Midterm General Elections on Nov. 8 created a busy day at the local polls when many towns saw historic voter turnouts along with unprecedented numbers of new voters taking advantage of the same day registration process.

In the statewide elections, Gov. Chris Sununu was re-elected for a second term, beating challenges from former State Senator Molly Kelly and Libertarian candidate Jilletta Jarvis. In the race for the First Congressional District between Eddie Edwards, Chris Pappas and Dan Belforti, it was Pappas who took the win, and in the Second Congressional District Ann McLane Kuster defeated Steven Negron and Justin O'Donnell to retain her seat in Washington.

For the Executive Council in District 1, Michael Cryans defeated incumbent Joe Kenney and Libertarian candidate Tobin Menard to take that seat in Concord. In the New Hampshire State Senate District 2 race, it was incumbent Senator Bob Guida getting the win over challenger Bill Bolton while Jeb Bradley also defeated Christopher Meier and Tanya Butler to continue representing District 3 in Concord.

The winners in the elections for New Hampshire State Representatives for this region are as follows: District 3 Susan Ford; District 5 Jerry Stringham; District 6 Kevin Maes; District 7 Richard Osborne; District 8 Sallie Fellows, Suzanne Smith and Joyce Weston; District 9 Ned Gordon and Vincent Migliori; District 11 Timothy Josephson; District 15 Denny Ruprecht; District 16 Francesca Diggs; and in District 17 Joshua Adjutant.

Winners in the Grafton County elections were for Sheriff Jeff Stiegler; County Attorney Marcie Hornick; Treasurer Karen Liot Hill; Register of Deeds Kelley Jean Monahan; Register of Probate Rebecca Brown; and for County Commissioners it was Linda Lauer taking the seat in District 2 and Marcia Morris in District 3.

New Hampton falls within Belknap County and winners in their separate races were: for New Hampshire State Representative in District 1, Harry Viens; County Sheriff Mike Moyer; County Attorney Andrew Livernois; County Treasurer Mike Muzzey; Register of Deeds Judy McGrath; Register of Probate Alan Glassman; and for County Commissioner in District 1 David DeVoy.

Other results of elections for the Towns of Hill and Danbury, both located in Merrimack County, were: New Hampshire State Representatives District 1 Ken Wells, District 2 Werner Horn and Dave Testerman, and District 25 David Kerrick; Sheriff Scott Hilliard; County Attorney Robin Davis; Treasurer Leo R. Bernier; Register of Deeds Susan Cragin; and Register of Probate Erica S. Davis. In Danbury, Peter J. Spaulding was also elected to that district's County Commission.

For full results in the outcome of any of this year's elections, please go visit the New Hampshire Secretary of State Web site at sos.nh.gov.

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