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Positive feedback prompts Alexandria PD to schedule second active shooter response class

March 16, 2017
ALEXANDRIA —  Alexandria Police Chief Donald Sullivan said he received a great response to the "Civilian Response to Active Shooter" class he conducted on March 2, demonstrating ways people can protect themselves in the event of such an incident. As a result of the positive feedback, he has been asked to present a second workshop.

"We really got a lot of positive feedback on the class, and people who missed it have been asking if we could do it again," Sullivan said.

The class is designed to show people ways in which they can protect themselves in an active shooter incident, whether it be in the workplace, at a shopping mall, a school or anywhere else that might be targeted for a mass-shooting attack.

"Believe it or not it, incidents like this can happen here in New Hampshire, so people should take time to educate themselves on what to do if they're ever caught up in such a situation," he said.

The time to think about what to do is before that happens, Sullivan said, and his course gives people simple yet vital information on how they should respond should they fins themselves caught up in a dangerous situation. Participants in the class can also learn what to expect when law enforcement officers arrive on the scene and how they, too, will be reacting to the incident.

Among the many comments received from participants was that they found the workshop to be interactive, educational and well worth the time to attend.

The next workshop will be held at 9 a.m. on Saturday, March 25, at the Alexandria Town Offices, located on Washburn Road. It is scheduled to last approximately two hours and will include an instructional video and discussion.

The Citizen Active Shooter Class is free and open to residents of all communities. While pre-registration is not required, it would be appreciated so accommodations can be made for all who attend. To register in advance, please call 744-6651 or advise APD of your interesting in attending through the department's Facebook page.

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