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Interlakes students win art awards

April 01, 2021
MEREDITH Three student artists from Inter-Lakes Middle High School received some big accolades for their work, which has been in progress since the pandemic started.

ILMHS principal Scott Currier and art teacher Kate Criscone presented three students' entries in the New Hampshire Scholastic Art Competition to the Inter-Lakes School Bord during the March 23 meeting.

Currier said these students worked hard on their art over the past year. Criscone said there weren't as many entries last year due to the pandemic, though art was a vital part of many students' lives during the lockdown.

"The arts still remained a very integral part of that time especially during that time there as lots of kids making art from home, doing amazing things together in groups and classes," Criscone said.

She taught art classes remotely, saying students were jumping on at different times for a "Bob Ross type" of classes over Zoom.

"Let me tell you teaching ceramics remotely was very interesting to say the least," Criscone said.

Students submitted these artworks to the Scholastic Competition, which is a national competition where pieces are judged and rated. Criscone said the nature of judging art pieces is always subjective, but this overall was a great opportunity for them to step out with their art and bring it to someone's attention.

"Putting yourself out there, just simply applying for this program, for these awards takes a huge amt of guts and confidence," Criscone said.

Three ILMHS students won awards in the competition.

Roman Quagliaroli won a Silver Key for his photograph titled "Grand Valley" of a cloud-filled canyon.

Aislinn Hird did a sculpture called "Just Reaching Out," a three-dimensional piece that depicts people reaching out to each other separated by a windowpane. The piece received Honorable Mention.

Hird, who appeared at the meeting over Zoom, said she worked on the piece during quarantine, which inspired the sculpture.

"It's a semi-portrait of a rally good friend of mine, and sort of about during quarantine you were simultaneously connected by screens in these really weird ways, but you were also made to be kept distant," Hird said.

She used a window she found in her attic, drew the outline of the image with a marker, and painted it. She also ripped up the hood of a sweatshirt and added it to the piece as clothes.

Criscone said Hird has been taking a lot of independent study classes over her last four years in the school and was accepted to Pratt Institute in New York.

"She's just an incredible artist that we're so proud of and it'll be sad to have her leave," Criscone said.

Molly Moynihan also got an Honorable Mention for her sculpture "Serendipity." The piece is a clay placard with koi fish. Criscone said the piece used a combination of stains and glazes as well as etching to create the koi.

Currier said all three students would be presented with certificates of appreciation for their achievements. He also recognized Criscone and art teacher Patrick Quinn for their work with these students.

"(They are) really talented art teachers being able to funnel their students' own creativity into something that can be beautiful work," Currier said. "We just want to commend them as well our art department for what they've done for our students as well, especially given the circumstances in which they've had to work around."

School board chair Richard Hanson also praised the students' work, saying he was "speechless" with the beauty of these creations. He said as board members they usually see the business side of the district and this was an opportunity to see products of the schools.

"It was just a privilege for us to see the artwork that was displayed here this evening," Hanson said.

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