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All articles pass at school district meeting

June 27, 2020
SANDWICH — All articles passed during the Moultonborough School District's drive-in annual meeting at the Sandwich Fairgrounds.

The school district and town meeting was initially scheduled for March 14, but was postponed because of the pandemic. After months of discussion, the school and town meeting was scheduled for Saturday at the Sandwich Fairgrounds. The town meeting was postponed until June 29, but the school district meeting went on as scheduled on Saturday morning.

Voters drove through the fairgrounds, checked in with supervisors of the checklist at designated stations, and then drove to a back field for the meeting. The school board and administrators were seated under a tent and voters pulled up to marked spaces in front of them. The meeting was broadcast over the PA system and a local radio station. Votes took place with voters holding green cards out their windows for yay votes and red cards for nay votes.

All articles passed during the nearly 45-minute meeting.

Article 2 was the compensation of school district officers: $1,050 for the school board chair, $1,000 for school board members, $515 for the district treasurer, $200 for the clerk and moderator, and $50 for the deputy treasurer.

Article 4 was the general operating budget of $14,444,091.

Article 5 put up to $75,000 into the Buildings and Grounds Expendable Trust Fund from the June 30 unreserved fund balance and not taxation. Board chair Jon Tolman said the district is looking at a major roof repair or upgrade in the next few years and this fund will help offset the costs.

A resident asked about Article 6 on the town warrant, which would put a community center on the Taylor property and utilize land owned by the district. The question was asked if the school board would support working with the town on this if the article is passed.

"My personal opinion on anything like that if the town legislative body approves an article that needs some assistance or that the school board could help with carrying out, it would be my intention to work with that and accomplish what needed to be done," Tolman said.

The rest of the school board agreed. Tolman also said the same taxpayers that vote on town articles are the same ones who would vote on school articles.

Resident Hollis Austin said with families taking on remote schooling during the pandemic, he suggested that the district hold a public forum at some time where the district could take feedback from parents on more effective ways to educate students with this experience.

"Perhaps at the beginning of this next school year set aside an evening where the public at large could attend a meeting at the schools; give tours of school facilities; discuss with teachers, heads of each department see if we can come up with a program that more fully addresses the needs of students," Austin said.

The board honored outgoing member Joyce Larson, who served for three years on the school board.

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