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Inter-Lakes Winter Carnival brings fun, competition to gym and stage

The seniors turn the stage into a jungle during the Winter Carnival Lip Sync. (Photo by Erin Plummer) (click for larger version)
February 27, 2019
MEREDITH Inter-Lakes High School students showed off their many talents in the name of school spirit and spirited competition during Winter Carnival week.

This past week, each grade became its own team to compete against each other in different events through the week. The week wound down with the annual Lip Sync competition on Thursday night for families and Friday afternoon in front of the rest of the school.

Winter Carnival is put on by Student Council.

"It's been happening for so many years, everyone knows what's going to happen," said Student Council vice president Willow Strother.

Winter Carnival is usually the week after vacation, though this year it was moved to the week before vacation. Strother said this did make the new schedule a bit stressful.

She said the students will discuss the different events and sometimes come up with some new ideas, like Hungry, Hungry Hippos.

Winter Carnival events included gym days with events such as tug-of-war, volleyball, and Hungry, Hungry Hippos. Students also competed in the Quiz Bowl, which had its own organization team this year. Students dressed with different theme days each day.

"It has been really great, competition definitely gets really serious," Strother said.

Throughout the week a group of students with the Laker News Network filmed and did their own news reports from the different Winter Carnival events. The videos were shown during the Lip Sync performance.

The Lip Sync is one of the biggest events of Winter Carnival. Each of the four classes put on their own performances based on a different theme. The students will do different routines to a mashup of different songs. Students will also make different props and costumes as well as put projections on the background screen.

Performances had to be 12 to 15 minutes long and were judged on a number of different criteria.

Strother said the students in each class decide the different music, dances, and other elements that go into each performance. Rehearsals go on through the week with the different classes working out their own times in the auditorium.

A special performance went on Thursday night for families and community members. The Friday performance in front of the school was judged.

This year's Thursday night Lip Sync was hosted my high school principal Mark Parsons and the new principal for grades 7-9, Michelle Diamond.

"This event is what makes Inter-Lakes unique: the positive support," Parsons said. "Although this is a competition, the cheering and encouragement is something that makes us Lakers."

The freshmen's presentation "Fresh Out of Water" had a sea and beach theme. The sophomores explored space in their own way with "To Infinity and Beyond." The juniors had a story about young love, jealousy, break-ups, new relationships, and prom dates with "Love Stinks." The seniors featured a story of castaways in the wilds of the jungle with "Just Can't Wait to be Kings."

Throughout the show, Parsons and Diamond recognized all those who had a part in making Winter Carnival possible such as the administrators, teachers, staff members, the PTO, and many more. Special recognition was given to ILHS Principal Patty Murphy, who has been here for the Lip Sync for 22 years.

Varney Smith
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