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McCue-Prouty Memorial Garden dedicated to longtime library supporters

Phyllis Prouty's husband Jordan Prouty, Shirley McCue's daughter Nancy McCue, and Phyllis Prouty's children Sandra Guimond, Sara Prouty, Sue Norris, and Steve Prouty were a few of the family members of those honored by the McCue-Prouty Memorial Garden. (Photo by Erin Plummer) (click for larger version)
September 12, 2018
MOULTONBOROUGH — Members of the community dedicated the new garden on the grounds of the Moultonborough Public Library named in honor of two women who put in a lot of love and effort into the library.

On Saturday, families and library supporters attended the formal dedication of the McCue-Prouty Memorial Garden. The garden was dedicated to Shirley McCue and Phyllis Prouty, who served as library trustees. Memorials were also put in to library trustees Barbara Putnam and Joanne Farnum; volunteer and president of the Friends of the Library Eleanor Matthews; and Joseph Maroun, the father of Chris Maroun of Miracle Farms who put in a lot of work into the garden.

Library Trustee Chair Laurie Whitley said this project has been in the works for a while. The concept started as the McCue Garden to pay tribute to Library Director Nancy McCue's mother Shirley. Then the idea was raised to also dedicate it to longtime trustee Phyllis Prouty.

"Both Phyllis and Shirley were tireless advocates for the library," Whitley said. "We appreciate all they've done for the library and we will miss them."

Trustees Meg Greenbaum and Sally Bartlett oversaw the project. Greenbaum said it took around a year to complete. Greenbaum said the location of the garden was controversial with its location on a leech field and its view of Route 25.

They contacted gardener Carol Mock, who plants native garden landscaping, to do the garden's design. Mock said she received input from everyone when working on this project.

"It was a collaborative effort on everyone's part," Mock said. "We knew it was going to be done."

Mock said they worked with the space and created a place where people can go and sit outdoors and enjoy the sun.

"It was a great opportunity for me to be part of the project from start to finish," Mock said.

The project got underway at the beginning of the summer.

Miracle Farms donated all of the plants and put in the water element. In honor of Miracle Farms' efforts, a dedication was made to Joseph Maroun.

Memorials were also made to Barbara Putnam, Eleanor Matthews, and Joanne Farnum.

The Friends of the Library donated the benches.

Greenbaum said they are really happy with the results.

"A lot of people have been involved in making sure it can happen, so it's really great," Greenbaum said.

Family members of those memorialized by the garden attended the dedication.

"What a wonderful tribute to her," said Phyllis' husband, Jordan Prouty.

Prouty said his wife loved the library, including serving as a president of the Friends of the Library.

"She put her heart and soul into this library," Jordan Prouty said.

Son Steve Prouty said the garden was wonderful. Daughter Sue Norris said this was a beautiful garden.

"A wonderful tribute to a wonderful lady," Norris said.

Sandra Guimond said her mother would have adored the garden.

"I think Phyllis would love it," said daughter Sara Prouty. "I think Shirley McCue would love it too, she'd be very honored."

Nancy McCue said she thought the end result was fabulous.

"It's a very nice memorial to my mother and Phyllis," Nancy McCue said.

Nancy's brother Kevin McCue said the garden was beautiful and they did a great job.

"It's a fitting tribute to my mother and Mrs. Prouty," Kevin McCue said.

Martin Lord Osman
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