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Inter-Lakes, Center Harbor joint meeting scheduled for Nov. 15

September 05, 2018
MEREDITH — A cooperative meeting between the Inter-Lakes School Board and the Center Harbor Board of Selectmen has been scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 15.

At the previous meeting, Superintendent Mary Moriarty told the board that she had heard from one of the boards of selectmen asking for a joint discussion, especially related to apportionment. Board Chair Richard Hanson said it was the Center Harbor board, on which he also sits as a member, who wanted to have the discussion.

Moriarty said at that meeting that she would draft a document on what the meeting might look like.

Moriarty presented the draft to the board during Tuesday's meeting.

"This time together will be filled with opportunities to listen, share, collaborate, and engage in dialogue about the Inter-Lakes School District," read the draft.

The meeting was proposed for Nov. 15 from 5:30-8:30 p.m., a date Hanson noted was after the November election.

"There's no downside, it's only upside with communication with our particular towns," said board member Mark Billings.

Billings said he got a call from a Center Harbor selectmen the previous day and had a "casual conversation."

The meeting will be a posted meeting of both the school board and the Center Harbor selectmen.

Anyone in the district is welcome to come to the meeting and speak. Board member Susan Palmer-Ansorg asked if students would be allowed to speak as well and Moriarty said they were.

Moriarty said she was thinking of having this at the Middle/High School Library, offering food, and giving some time for people to get to know each other before the meeting.

"We have a lot of work to do in actually how to set it up," Hanson said. "We're looking to see if the board has consensus to go forward with this."

The board agreed by consensus to hold this meeting on Nov. 15.

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