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Moultonborough School District welcomes first middle level principal

Joe Lane, who will serve as the Moultonborough School District's first ever middle level principal, talks to parents and staff members during a meet and greet session at Moultonborough Academy. (Photo by Erin Plummer) (click for larger version)
May 23, 2018
MOULTONBOROUGH — The Moultonborough School District has hired a new middle school level principal for students in grades 5-8. Staff and parents recently had the opportunity to meet with new middle level principal Joe Lane and ask questions.

The Moultonborough School Board announced Lane's hiring at the May 8 meeting.

Currently, students in grades five and six are part of Moultonborough Central School, and grades seven and eight are in Moultonborough Academy's Base Camp Program. Superintendent Susan Noyes said the district had formed a steering committee consisting of administrators, teachers, and parents that examined better options for students in grades 5-8. They also had a facilitator for the New England League of Middle Schools (NELMS) as part of the process.

"They looked at what do we want to see in middle level education," Noyes said.

She said the decision was made to dedicate a separate group of educators to work with middle school level students and hire a middle school principal.

The position was advertised and a search committee was formed facilitated by Noyes and incoming superintendent Patrick Andrew. The committee recommended Joe Lane, the Assistant Principal of Mountain View Middle School in Goffstown. Lane was later hired by the school board.

"It was a great decision," Noyes said. "He's excited to come here; he's up for the challenge."

Mountain View Middle School serves students in grades 5-8 from Goffstown and New Boston. Lane was formerly the school's dean of students before becoming assistant principal.

The district held two meet and greet sessions on Tuesday, one at MCS and one at MA.

Lane said one thing that stood out about Moultonborough was that normally a new principal would be coming in replacing another and the outgoing principal would provide some support and information. In this case he is the first ever principal and there has been no system before. He said the opportunity is exciting.

"You never get this chance in a career to go 'All right, brand spanking new, let's figure this out together,'" Lane said. "(The) possibility to do that is exciting."

Lane answered questions from parents and staff on various topics, including managing and creating a new middle school between two buildings and two grade groups.

"It is going to take an awful lot of work and I do want to make it a different level," Lane said. "My job is basically going to be creating the culture and (putting) them together."

He said this is a big opportunity to combine these four grades in a middle school setting that hasn't been done before.

"I think we have the opportunity to be as innovative as we possibly can," Lane said.

Lane said he plans to work with teachers in the district, relying on their experience and expertise.

Lane was asked how much leeway and support Andrew will give in this process. Noyes said Andrew was part of the interview process for the new middle school principal and Lane already has Andrew's support.

Lane will officially take his new position on July 1.

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