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Recycled Percussion brings the beats to MCS

Recycled Percussion members Ryan Vezina and Justin Spencer are joined by Moultonborough Central School staff and students during their performance at MCS. (Photo by Erin Plummer) (click for larger version)
May 09, 2018
MOULTONBOROUGH — Students and staff at Moultonborough Academy were recently treated to their own concert by Recycled Percussion, who spread the message of kindness.

Last Thursday morning, members of Recycled Percussion, formed in Goffstown and currently based in Las Vegas, performed for MCS students. Performers Ryan Vezina and Justin Spencer put on a performance for the whole school and included teachers and students as part of the show.

The performance fit into the school's message of promoting kindness. Recycled Percussion promotes kindness through the efforts of Recycled Percussion Foundation and their weekly show "Chaos and Kindness."

Principal Kathleen D'Haene said this year MCS has been promoting kindness in the building, including reading "Wonder" by R.C. Palacio. D'Haene said they learned of this message and that Recycled Percussion was available to perform at schools across the state in as part of this mission.

"Along with the PTA, we were able to come up with money to bring them," D'Haene said.

Spencer said they typically perform around 15 to 20 schools a year. The shows will have a different message depending on the age group with the shows for elementary schools focusing on kindness.

The MCS performance was originally scheduled in April, though had to be rescheduled due to a snowday.

At the end of the performance, the group have special recognition to a few students who were especially recognized for their kindness: first grader Olivia Ulm, fourth grader Kevin Gray, and sixth grader Kevin Smith.

D'Haene said their performance was "absolutely incredible."

"I really wanted to honor the work the staff and students have done all year to be the kindest," D'Haene said.

She also said it was neat for the kids to see people from New Hampshire.

Vezina said the students were "super energetic."

"The kids here are very, very respectful; they're very engaged," Spencer said.

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