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Sign ordinance, setback change among Sandwich zoning amendments

January 11, 2018
SANDWICH — Altering the sign ordinance and adjusting septic setbacks are some of the proposed zoning amendments to be further reviewed by the planning board.

The planning board scheduled a public hearing on the proposed zoning ordinance amendments on Jan. 4, though the hearing was postponed due to weather. The hearing will be rescheduled to a future date.

Amendment 1 would correct a typographical error in Article II, Section 150-7, A (3)(e). The original ordinance reads " There shall be no visible changes to the property and buildings other than a sign which complies with the requirements of Article IV of the Zoning ordinance." With the amendment "Article IV" will be corrected to "Article VI."

Amendment 2 will redefine and clarify the language on temporary, permanent, and exempted signs.

Under the proposed amendment temporary signs advertising an event will be allowed for up to 45 days before the event. The signs can stay up during the event but must be removed after the event is over. The maximum size for temporary signs is six feet and they cannot be illuminated.

Any sign deemed by any safety or road officials to be a nuisance may be reviewed by the selectmen or representative and an order may be issued for the sign to be removed in seven days. If this isn't complied with the person responsible for setting up the signs may face a $100 fine per day.

A permit will not be required for temporary signs and permanent signs will be allowed by filling out a notification form with the town.

More specific information on all the proposed changes to the sign ordinance can be found at the town website.

Amendments 3 through 5 changes the language in three different sections reducing the septic setback requirement to 75 feet from the original 125 feet. In all sections 75 feet will be the setback unless a greater setback is required by the Department of Environmental Services.

The full text of the proposed zoning amendments can be found at the town Web site, http://www.sandwichnh.org/news_detail_T6_R33.php.

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