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Daly continues impressive career with strong first year at Brown

by Bob Martin
Sports Reporter - Gilford Steamer, WInnisquam Echo, Meredith News

Cam Daly was a three-sport athlete who ran for Brown University. He is a graduate of Inter-Lakes High School where he was a star track runner. Michael Scott - Courtesy Photo. (click for larger version)
June 27, 2017
MEREDITH — While Ian Daly was setting school records for Inter-Lakes High School on the track this season, his older brother Cam Daly was setting personal records one after another in his freshman year at Brown University where he ran cross country, indoor track and outdoor track.

Cam Daly was a standout athlete and scholar for Inter-Lakes High School, and after graduating last year he took his running shoes to Brown where he competed at a very high level. Despite coming down with mononucleosis at the end of his outdoor track season, he said he was very happy with the way his freshman campaign went.

"This was my first season of indoor track ever, but I was running all year long," said Daly. "I had a pretty good year. Cross country went really well. I had a great race at HEPS. Indoor was a lot of fun. Outdoor seemed like it was going well, but then I got sick. I ran with mono for about three weeks. By the time I was done, I was toast."

Daly had plans to race in England and Sacramento in mid-June, but mononucleosis ended his season. He said he thought he was just tired from the grueling season, as his times were not where he wanted. However, now that he has been diagnosed and he is back home, he can relax and get himself ready for the fall cross country season.

"I am definitely happy to be home," said Daly.

At HEPS, which is the Ivy League Championship, Daly placed 22nd out of a pool of about 100 runners. He was very proud of his time of 24:22.

"That was a huge PR for me," said Daly. "I PR'd every single race but before that I ran 25:05. It was huge."

Daly said running cross country at HEPS was much different than in high school. Rather than rocky, woodsy terrain like New Hampshire, the event was held at Princeton, N.J. and he said it was basically a corn field. He described it as being very flat and nothing he was ever used to up in New Hampshire.

"It made for a faster race so I was really happy," said Daly.

Daly is used to shutting his season down after cross country, but this year he decided to try indoor track. He came home for about three weeks for holiday break where he was training alone in the hills, saying that he was running about 80 miles a week, which was double what he did in high school. In indoor track he ran the mile and several 3K races.

"This was all new to me," said Daly. "I had never run indoors and it was definitely a major change."

Daly said his best mile time was 4:10. He said it is much different indoors, notably because it is a 200-meter track rather than 400 meters. Daly said they raced at Boston University a lot, which is known for being one of the fastest in the world.

"With 3K I would catch a pack that was running fast and not worry too much about it," said Daly. "That is a bit different than high school where I was usually the one leading. Now I am trying to focus on staying in it."

Daly said going from small town New Hampshire to Ivy League is a big change, but he said he sees plenty of familiar faces who he raced against in the past.

Outdoor track started very strong for Daly. He said they went to Raleigh, N.C. for a week over spring break, raced in Virginia for several days and also went to Princeton, N.J. for about five days.

He ran his first 5K in Virginia, and he said it was strange because they didn't even start their race until about 10:40 p.m.

"It was nothing I had ever done," said Daly. "It is hard to manage that whole day. Napping, eating, drinking coffee at 8 at night."

Daly said he had just started to show symptoms for mononucleosis, but he was happy with his performance. There were about 30 people in the race, and he said for the first two miles he was running as fast as he ever had. However his sickness had him tired at the end of the race. He ended up with a time of 14:24, which Daly said is really good for him considering the factors. It was his first track 5K, but Daly ran another in the championship. This one did not go so well.

"It was the worst race of my life," said Daly. "You know it is a bad race when my coach came running out and told me to get my blood tested because something was wrong. My grandfather was there and joked, 'how do we get a refund?' I'm glad I had that as an excuse."

Daly said overall it was a very productive year athletically and academically. He said he really enjoys Brown, but like anyone else, he had the adjustment of the first year of college.

"It was hard but I think I had the best year I possibly could," said Daly. "It was hard. One thing that was really hard was sleeping. You don't realize that you are running 80 miles a week that you need to sleep as much as you do. If I got less than nine hours of sleep I was dead. That was hard."

Daly said with mononucleosis it was difficult at the end, as he had a hard time focusing and was confused about why he felt sick.

For next year, Daly said he wants to just continue setting personal records and continue his strong running.

"I feel like the ceiling for me is high," said Daly. "My coach and I don't really know. I feel good about next year."

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