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IL board supports Destination Imagination team's trip

The Inter-Lakes Middle Tier Destination Imagination team will be going to the Global Finals in Knoxville, Tenn. From left to right: Back Row: Eloise Moore and Katy Miller. Front row: Lily Richardson, Kat Viera, and Kami Lamarre. Not pictured is Ben Beaudoin. (Photo by Erin Plummer) (click for larger version)
April 19, 2017
MEREDITH — After scoring big in a competition and receiving approval from the Inter-Lakes School Board one of the district's Destination Imagination teams will be going to the Global Finals in Tennessee.

Fifth graders Lily Richardson, Eloise Moore, Kat Vieira, Katy Miller, and Kami Lamarre, and Ben Beaudoin are members of "The Destroyers" led by coach Mary Richardson. The group came in first at the competition in Swanzey and second at the competition in Bedford, making them eligible to go to the finals in Tennessee.

The trip received approval from the Inter-Lakes School Board on Tuesday as well as some money from the district. Members of the DI team attended the meeting and talked about their experiences.

They took part in the 3-Peat competition, where they had three minutes to plan and perform a skit with a genre, a stock character, something happening to the stock character, and a story prompt. They had three groups of characters, had to change the genre three times, and use props through the skit.

"We would practice almost every Friday since November," Lily Richardson said.

ILMT principal Everett Bennett he is impressed with the group's work and the results. He said the members of the group talked about how they learned to work together and became close friends in the process.

Global Finals are May 24-27 in Knoxville, Tenn. Students will be gone that Wednesday through Saturday. Bennett said that time will be filled with "learning and interactions with other students."

"They get to meet kids from all over the world," Bennett said.

The cost for the team to go will be around $8,000. Bennett said the team has already done some fundraising, they also received a pledge from DeCamp Financial for $2,500 to match any fundraising they do.

The school board unanimously approved the DI team's trip to Knoxville and unanimously approved using district funds to offset the trip.

Members of the group said they are excited to go to globals.

"I've never made it this far," Lamarre said.

Unfortunately Beaudoin will be unable to attend the Global Finals.

Coach Mary Richardson said she is overall "very proud" of the work this group has done.

"They work very well together and they can handle any random scene I threw at them at practice," Richardson said.

She said she is both nervous and excited to bring the kids down.

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