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Mr. Inter-Lakes hopefuls roll out the charm

Contestants of the Mr. Inter-Lakes Competition, including winner Gage Wheeler in the crown, and their escorts sing along at the end with Tim Johnson playing piano. (Erin Plummer) (click for larger version)
November 20, 2012
MEREDITH — A group of Inter-Lakes High School students strutted their stuff and showed off their charming personalities last week for the eighth annual Mr. Inter-Lakes Competition.

Nicholas Monty, Mitchell Jurius, Landon Allen, Rheys Belser, Richard Brewer, Timothy Johnson, Trevor Colby, Willie True, Blake Remson, Ryan Boquist, and Gage Wheeler all showed off their good looks and talent to an audience of admirers on Friday night at the Inter-Lakes Community Auditorium.

Hosts Joyce Ingari and Sean Mussen led the sometimes zany event. After an entertaining introductory dance number, the contestants walked onstage, respectively escorted by Tricia Del Rossi, Alexandra Brewer, Melanie Harding, Chelsea Colby, Mikaela O'Neil, Tori Webster, Kendra Brown, Teghan Kelly, Annie Wilcox, Leah Glenday, and Victoria Jollimore.

The contestants took part in three competitions: swimwear, talent, and formal wear with a question and answer session. Judges Nancy Watts, Michelle McGourty, Jeff Langevin, and Corey Henderson reviewed the candidates and made their decisions on who won and who placed. This year audience members had the opportunity to vote for their favorites in the new Fan Favorite award for $1 a vote.

The swimsuit competition showed off their unique personalities, from strutting their stuff on the stage in trunks to donning wetsuits, or even a hula skirt or a crocodile outfit.

They showed off their varied skills in the talent competition. Monty gave a rap performance. Jurius did a lecture on "The Delicate Art of Picking up Women" with a PowerPoint presentation, ending with literally picking up his escort, Alexandra Brewer. Allen taught the audience how to make a sandwich. Belser played "Fur Elise" on the piano. Brewer gave a unique performance to "Stars and Stripes Forever" by crashing hand cymbals after a pause of several measures. Johnson played a variety of song snippets. Colby showed how to derive a quadratic equation on a white board. True lipsynched to a female voice singing "Dude Looks Like A Lady." Remson donned an afro wig and sang "Bad Romance."

Boquist rounded up all the escorts and played guitar while singing. In the background were photos couples on their wedding with the faces of Boquist and escort Leah Glenday added over the bride and groom's faces. Wheeler explained why the judges and audience members should vote for him in an original song to the tune of "There's No Business Like Show Business."

The contestants put on their best formalwear, or variations of formalwear, and answered questions from the hosts after pulling numbers out of a hat. Answers included Colby saying he would visit Germany out of any place in the world because "If you speak German to a dog, it is more likely to obey you" and Wheeler saying his hero is Hugh Hefner "for his financial sense and sense of antiquities."

The winner of this year's Mr. Inter-Lakes Competition was Gage Wheeler. Wheeler received a $50 gift certificate to Olympia Sports, as well as the crown and the prestige.

Wheeler participated in the competition last year as a freshman, winning second place. He said getting ready for the competition this year took quite a bit of preparation time, especially the song.

"I made the entire song about a month beforehand," Wheeler said.

Tim Johnson was the first runner up, winning two gas cards. He was then declared the Fan Favorite, scoring him a gift card to Dunkin Donuts.

Second runner up was Trevor Colby, receiving a $10 gift card to Subway.

The Mr. Inter-Lakes competition is a fundraiser for the senior class. Proceeds from the Fan Favorite voting going toward the I-LHS Family in Need Fund for Thanksgiving baskets for local families. Senior class co-advisor Kristine McGurkin said the event raised around $1,700 for the senior class and $137 for the Family in Need Fund.

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