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A smashing finale to Moulton Farm Pumpkin Fest

Kids smash up the broken pumpkins even further. The pumpkins were later given to a local farmer to feed his pigs. (Erin Plummer) (click for larger version)
October 17, 2012
MEREDITH — Fall festivities at Moulton Farm ended with a bang — and a bunch of pulverized pumpkins — after the annual Pumpkin Drop.

Families gathered at the farm over the weekend for the Pumpkin Festival. On Sunday afternoon, a large bunch of pumpkins were hoisted in a satchel by a crane, a rope tied to a tractor as a counter weight. At exactly 4 p.m., Moulton Farm manager Jeffrey Mills cut the supporting rope with a machete, sending the pumpkins plummeting to the field in front of a crowd of cheering onlookers.

The pumpkins smashed onto the field in many pieces. Children then went into the area and proceeded to stomp on the remains of the pumpkins.

This marked the fifth year pumpkins have been dropped. Moulton Farm owner John Moulton said the initial idea of doing the pumpkin drop came from the staff, especially manager Rob Stephens.

The second year, the pumpkins did not drop. Moulton said it was windy the day of the event, and the winds twisted the ropes. Around 300 people were in attendance that day.

The pumpkin drop marked the end of the weekend long Pumpkin Festival. Families gathered at the farm though the weekend for a variety of activities for free. Activities included free tractor rides, pumpkin carving, face painting, bouncy house, and more. The corn maze was also open for an entrance fee.

Moulton said the farm was filled beyond capacity on Saturday with the nice weather. Numbers were a little down on Sunday due to the colder, rainy conditions. Overall, Moulton said more than 1,000 people came to the farm from Saturday through Sunday.

"It's always amazing how many people come and watch the pumpkins drop to the ground and smash up," Moulton said.

East Coast Crane Service provided the crane that dropped the pumpkins. Employee Kyle Lacasse did the rigging on the satchel.

Moulton said the smashed pumpkins were picked up by a local farmer, who feeds them to his pigs.

Moulton Farm will stay open through the Christmas season, though so far this has been a successful year. Moulton said this has been a good year for crops.

"We're very well supported by our customer base," Moulton said.

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