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Jere Eames honored at Cannon Mountain

Gov. Chris Sununu and his Executive Council honored Littleton's Jere Eames, who was joined by his family (left to right) Vicki, Carson, Ethan, Jack and Yvonne at last week's Executive Council meeting at Cannon Mountains. (Photo by Angel Larcom) (click for larger version)
July 22, 2021
LITTLETON — Littleton community leader Jeremiah "Jere" Eames received special recognition from Governor Sununu at last week's Executive Council meeting, held in the Peabody Lodge at Cannon Mountain on July 14.

Fellow honorees included retired Proctor Academy Head of School Mike Henriques of Sandwich and Donna Sargent of Ossipee, who dedicated more than 50 years to public service.

"Pretty much everyone in the Littleton area knows Jere, and for one reason or another, he has done an incredible service not only to his country but his community. It's an honor to have someone like this representing our state in many different ways," stated Sununu.

To the crowd's delight, Eames responded, "I've lived in the exact same house that I was born in 78 years ago. For all those that said I would never go anywhere, they were right."

Jokes aside, Eames is proud of that fact. Throughout his life, he's carried on the legacy of public service established by his father. Tragically, Eames lost his father at the age of eight. His family's ability to maintain their home and rebuild their lives despite all odds resonates in today's pandemic-fueled world.

"In those days, when the pillar of the family passed away and a woman became widowed, she would sell the property or remarry. My mother never did. But Littleton has always been good to our family, and we were able to keep the same property that we grew up on," said Eames.

During the Cannon Mountain presentation, Sununu said, "Jere Eames is dedicated to the Town of Littleton, working to preserve its history, encourage growth and enhance community development since his return home from Europe in 1960. He's owned several businesses and properties and has revitalized downtown Littleton.

"Jere is the is president of several companies that have all contributed to the historical preservation of the Main Street buildings while providing local employment, apartment rentals for residents, office spaces and storefront locations for leasing to businesses. His efforts to care for and preserve Littleton's original buildings have maintained Littleton's integrity as the 'Main Street for the North Country' and played a major role in Littleton receiving the National Main Street of America award," added the Governor.

Sununu continued to read the proclamation before presenting it to Eames, whose family was by his side. The civic leader was joined by his wife Yvonne, son Jack, daughter-in-law Vicki and two grandsons Carson and Ethan. His granddaughter Morgan was unable to attend because she is studying abroad in Europe.

In addition to being a business owner, Eames also played an important role in commissioning the Pollyanna of Littleton sculpture and participated in the development of the Littleton Historical Museum, helping to fund and donate special items to preserve the history of Littleton's people, places and artifacts.

Eames also worked with the Littleton Chamber of Commerce to establish a marketing committee for the organization to increase the promotion of member businesses. His list of successes also includes multiple business and professional partnerships over the years. In addition, he lent advice, support and financial assistance when necessary to ensure the ongoing success of the town's growing economy.

"To get that honor was quite a surprise. Whenever anything like that happens, it goes through my mind there are a number of other people who deserve the exact same thing. It always feels like a privilege to be chosen," noted Eames.

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