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Businesses circulate petition resisting Dalton landfill

January 13, 2021
LITTLETON — More than 40 Littleton business owners signed a petition urging the Select Board to oppose the development of a proposed landfill in Dalton. The petitioners argue that local businesses rely heavily on the tourism draw of the Ammonoosuc River.

The proposed landfill on Douglas Drive lies in close proximity to Forest Lake and is upriver from the downtown Littleton area. While the bulk of the land parcel rests within Dalton town limits, a portion of the acreage is within both Littleton and Bethlehem town lines as well.

Voters can expect to see the non-binding petition on the March 9 ballot. It calls for the Select Board to resist any application approvals distributed by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services for the development.

The petition was delivered to Select Board members at a Dec. 28 meeting by Littleton resident Pat Kellogg. The request came on the heels of a unanimous decision by town officials to support the Bethlehem landfill expansion.

As drafted, the petition warrant article stated, "Whereas the people of the Town of Littleton, over the past decades, have made a substantial investment in our community's health and sustainability, including recognizing and supporting the economic importance of the Ammonoosuc River which runs right through our center.

"Therefore, the Town of Littleton resolves that the new landfill proposed to be located in neighboring Dalton is not compatible with our vision of the protection of the Ammonoosuc River and its watershed, our shared groundwater, our shared roadways, our regional environment or the businesses that we depend on for our economic future. We the voters of the Town of Littleton hereby resolve to oppose the NH Department of Environmental Services approval of any application for a noted commercial landfill to be built in the North Country."

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