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Mojo returns to the airwaves

Wicked Smart Horn Band founder Joe "Mojo" Cimino returned to the radio waves last week with a new show aimed to support the local community. (Courtesy Photo) (click for larger version)
November 26, 2020
LITTLETON — Joe "Mojo" Cimino has returned to the airwaves after nearly a decade-long hiatus. His new show, "Mojo Marketplace Radio," premiered on Littleton's WLTN FM radio station last week.

In 1999, Cimino and his son Anthony launched a show called "Mojo Radio" on the Notch station. Their program focused on independent music and could be heard on several New Hampshire college radio stations.

Cimino hired Frank Grima and a small sales team. It didn't take long for the show to become syndicated and attract national sponsors. By the end of its run twelve years later, it could be heard across America and in several other countries.

Cimino said, "When someone took a picture of my head on a billboard in San Francisco, I knew it was happening."

Cimino continued, "All of our old shows are still sitting on a shelf and sometimes I listen to them. It's very bizarre that a lot of the same political stuff was happening back then, minus the virus. A lot of the music still holds up today and several of those musicians are still playing."

This time, the Wicked Smart Horn Band founder said his goal was to support the local community. The new show is designed to be entertaining but also provide a vehicle for local musicians to be heard and supported, he said.

Cimino said he also wanted to provide a platform for local artists and craftspeople to sell their wares.

"Honestly, it's a deep passion that's making me do this. Many musicians and artists have been hit hard by the pandemic and can't make ends meet. No one can earn a living," said Cimino.

The musician continued, "Everyone's having a hard time and I know we all keep hearing 'shop local,' but it's so important right now for the small businesses. If we can help the musicians get their names out there and perhaps sell some music or even receive donations, it will make a huge difference."

Listeners can expect to be entertained with edgy humor, and call-ins are welcomed, said Cimino. The Mojo Marketplace Radio show airs live on 96.7 FM every Sunday morning from 8:30 to 11. Anyone wishing to sell handcrafted items or submit original music can call 444-2951 during the show or email mojomarketplaceradio@gmail.com.

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