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Littleton Police Chief returns from administrative leave

July 30, 2020
LITTLETON — Littleton Police Chief Paul Smith returned to active duty last Monday after a three-month administrative leave. No details were given about the situation that led to his absence.

Littleton Town Manager Andrew Dorsett said, "It's a personnel matter, and we cannot comment. The Town as a whole has a well-established personnel policy with stringent criteria. The police department has even stronger criteria within their code. To be a police officer, it's definitely a high standard and it's strictly administered for all officers regardless of their positions."

The Police Chief stated, "The procedure has shown that no one is above reproach and accountability. The process was thorough and fair, even though it was extremely uncomfortable."

Smith continued, "Anybody who has been through a separation or a divorce will understand how difficult and trying it can be. I have gone through a difficult time. I appreciate your continued support and understanding of what was a sensitive situation for us all."

The Chief also extended gratitude to his department's officers who picked up extra duties during his absence.

"Specifically, I wish to extend my sincere appreciation to Deputy Chief Tyler who stepped in and managed the department during the crisis of COVID with unwavering dedication and leadership. He certainly expressed his commitment to the Littleton Police Department's mission and that of the Town of Littleton. I look forward to returning to work with renewed vigor and direction as we are all challenged by an uncertain future in modern-day law enforcement," he stated.

Smith anticipated that it would take a few weeks to get caught up with all of the changes that happened during his absence. In addition to the pandemic and its related legislative changes, the Black Lives Matter protests also occurred while he was on leave.

"I was pretty isolated during my absence. It's probably going to take me a few weeks to get back up to the speed, not only within this community and department but also on a state and national level. We all have a lot to learn as we move forward," noted the Police Chief.

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