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Several town ordinance changes discussed by Littleton selectmen

April 19, 2017
LITTLETON—The proposal of several new town ordinances was discussed at the select board meeting on Monday, April 10.

Littleton's Health Officer and Selectman, Milt Bratz, addressed two issues that are of concern to public health.

Bratz said that in the near future, he will seek approval of two new ordinances, the first being canine feces as a public health hazard on town owned athletic fields.

People using the fenced athletic fields to let their dogs run and not cleaning up after their animals have led to kids having to clean up the fields prior to using them, Bratz said.

"Feces carry a number of diseases, threats to other animals and humans. A request was made that we set up a series of fines and restrictions for using the athletic fields," he said.

Bratz said the restrictions are not for town parks in general but only athletic fields within the parks.

He said he is working with Chief Paul Smith to address the issue on two fronts; a trespassing component and fines for leaving dog droppings on the ground.

Bratz said he expected this issue to be fully developed in a few weeks and a public meeting would be held.

The second ordinance Bratz discussed is in regards to the maintenance of dumpsters and standing water.

He said two mosquito transmittable illnesses, West Nile virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis exist in the state and after four days standing water can be host to millions of mosquito eggs.

Bratz said he had observed eight or nine inches of standing water in some large dumpsters last summer, and suggested that having dumpsters be covered could help alleviate the concern.

Garbage being piled too high to allow dumpsters to be closed also attracts bears, he said.

This ordinance will be reviewed by town counsel and come before the board again in the next couple of months.

Town Manager Andrew Dorsett spoke about another potential ordinance amendment; adding Mt. Eustis Road to the list of town roads that prohibit truck through traffic.

Currently, Grove Street, Herbert Lane and South Street are on the list. 

Trucks exceeding three-ton gross vehicle weight, or having three axles or more, would not be allowed to use the road except in the case of making a delivery to a home or business.

In discussion at a previous meeting, Chief Smith said both the condition of Mt. Eustis road and design of the road are factors that contribute to safety concerns when trucks frequent the road in both directions. He also said that electronic mapping programs also direct trucks onto Mt. Eustis Road as a shortcut to the Industrial Park.

Dorsett said the ordinance change and signage would hopefully be the solution to ending large trucks from using the road as a shortcut.

Dorsett said a public hearing will be upcoming to discuss the proposed change to the ordinance.

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