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Sundman credits employees after winning Biz Leader award

More than 20 years after his parents won Littleton's Citizens of the Year award, David Sundman took home the Business Leader of the Year Award at the 23rd Annual Littleton Economic Celebration on Thursday. Sundman has served as the President of Littleton Coin Company for 30 years. (Photo by Darin Wipperman) (click for larger version)
November 18, 2015
LITTLETON — Thankful for a great group of employees, David Sundman, President of Littleton Coin Company, won the Raymond S. Burton Business Leader of the Year award at last week's Economic Celebration. Sundman leads the local company his father founded in 1945.

David Ernsberger, who won the business leader award last year, announced Sundman's selection. With Sundman at the helm, Ernsberger said, Littleton Coin Company "employs over 320 local residents in our industrial park."

Members of the Sundman Family "have been outstanding contributors in our community and region for the last 70 years," Ernsberger said. Sundman continues to devote time to support his lifetime of involvement in "the well-being and growth of Littleton," he added.

Continuing the praise, Ernsberger said Sundman "has always urged his employees and management team to engage and support the community's growth initiatives and the charitable activities in our area." Of his many efforts, Sundman helped create the Northern NH Charitable Fund.

Additionally, Sundman supports river district revitalization, the local Boys and Girls Club, and the continued efforts to train area workers.

"Our hospital, our industrial park, our schools, and their graduates, and our many non-profit endeavors in the area are all heavily supported by Dave Sundman and the community service culture of the employees of his company," Ernsberger said.

Along with his wife Christine, Sundman is also a big supporter of area arts.

"We owe so much to him for that," Ernsberger said.

"David Sundman has been a role model as a business executive and a caring citizen," Ernsberger declared.

The Coin Company is "a family-owned business with the word 'Littleton' in front of it," Ernsberger said. That simply fact does much to promote the town, he concluded.

After proceeding to the stage with much applause from the Opera House crowd, Sundman thanked company employees.

"We look forward to the future," he said.

Sundman provided additional thoughts in an interview with the Courier after the celebration. He suggested that his employees' drive to continually educate themselves about the coin collection industry is a major reason for Littleton Coin Company's international success.

"We have a wonderful team," Sundman said.

Fans of coin collecting have the ability to be transported to great events, Sundman suggested. He used the example of an 1860 coin, made during a time of a very divisive Presidential election and the start of the Civil War.

"It's really a time machine," Sundman said of his products.

"We sell history you can hold in your hand," he concluded.

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