Trahan trains for national strongman competition

Emily Trahan trains on a 90-pound log press at Ace Fitness, prepping herself for Nationals. Courtesy Photo. (click for larger version)
August 03, 2015
LITTLETON — On Saturday, Aug. 15, the North American Strongman Teen Nationals will take place in Gulf Shores, Ala., in which local athlete Emily Trahan will be looking to make a name for herself. Trahan is a 15-year-old from Littleton who has just six months of strongman training under her belt. In these six months she has competed in two other competitions, one in Central Maine, which she placed fourth overall in the ladies division and one in Littleton called the White Mountain Strongman, in which she placed first overall in the ladies division. Trahan has been training rigorously with Ace Fitness owner and trainer Ryan Largay to ensure she makes strong appearance.

"Emily has been training very hard at Ace Fitness and has really enjoyed the sport of strongman," explained Largay. "Emily will be competing against the top teams in the country in five events, press medley, Husafell stone carry for max distance, axle deadlifts, yoke walk and atlas stone carry to load. In both competitions that Emily has competed in she has been the youngest competitor and was also taking on adults."

It's fair to say that strongman competitions, training and anything associated with lifting weights and physical activity runs in the blood of the Trahan family. Emily's parents, DeVon and Dawn and sisters, Morgan and Sarah all train and or compete in strongman competitions. Her two older brothers, Brett and Taylor are both fighters and routinely train and her younger brother Caleb is very active in outdoor activities. It was destined for Emily to join in on the fun.

"My brother Brett brought me to the gym last year when I was 14, had me lift a few weights, and he saw that I was strong for my age, that's how I got started with strongman" said Trahan. "I definitely think that my entire family tries to see how far they can push themselves in whatever they do and I enjoy doing the same, I like the challenge of seeing how far I can push myself."

Trahan admits that her strength entering the competition will be the yoke walk and her weakness will be the atlas stone carry, but having the opportunity to experience a strongman competition at the national level and having a chance to travel will get her through any event.

Two other athletes from the area who train alongside Trahan at Ace Fitness will also be competing in national competitions. Erin Ummer of Lyndonville, Vt. will be competing in the Masters Division in Las Vegas on Sept. 18 and Kristal Renaudette, also of Lyndonville, Vt. will be competing at nationals in Davenport, Iowa on Oct. 2. Largay will be representing the men's side in Iowa, as he will be competing in his 28th competition in nine years.

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