"Oh, the places we will go!"

Profile's graduates blast off

With many caps aloft, the Profile Class of 2014 celebrated after each of the 40 graduates received their diploma on Friday evening. Darin Wipperman/Littleton Courier. (click for larger version)
June 11, 2014
BETHLEHEM—Forty graduates received diplomas at the Profile School graduation ceremony on Friday evening. A celebratory atmosphere was seen inside and outside the school as the Class of 2014 peered into the unknown future with hope.

Before dozens of awards were announced, Principal Courtney Vashaw looked back on the six years she shared with the class at Profile. She congratulated the graduates who had "truly gone from children to young adults" at the school.

Vashaw said the class included "a number of unique individuals with phenomenal qualities." Concluding, she advised the graduates to continue to "create a beautiful definition of who you are."

Class advisors Dawn Glidden and Erin Sweeney offered further praise for the Class of 2014. The advisors said, "We didn't know we would get so attached" to the seniors. "Congratulations to each one of you," they continued, "We are two of your biggest fans." In conclusion, Glidden and Sweeney said, "It has been a joy and a privilege to watch you grow up."

English teacher Jennifer McVetty hoped the graduates would "enjoy this moment, because it will never come again." High aspirations can be important, she continued, but McVetty added, "Great contentment can be found in a small, ordinary life," especially if individuals accomplish extraordinary things. "Plan for your future, but live for today," McVetty concluded.

Graduates who spoke offered personal remarks to their classmates. Sacha Bays believed her class would be remembered for persistence and acceptance of others. With confidence in her fellow graduates, Bays suggested, "Do not be afraid to change your mind, do what you think is best for you."

Salutatorian Caroline Eyman noted the countdown posted in school at the start of the year. "After tonight," she said, "after the 171 days of senior year and the 12 years before it have passed, never again will the Class of 2014 be in the same location all at once." She continued, "I urge you to not take Profile High School for granted." Eyman found that the school "has made us unique individuals that will thrive in any college and any profession."

Confidence in her class led Eyman to an emotional conclusion. "I would like to wholeheartedly thank my fellow classmates, my friends, my teachers, my teammates, and last but not least, my family." She added, "It is in this lingering moment that I realize, I have spent these years in good company." In conclusion, Eyman turned to her classmates, and said, "Congratulations Class of 2014. Oh, the places we will go!"

Valedictorian Kayla Mardin looked back on how the class grew together, thanks to many positive experiences. "In the midst of these memories are also lessons," she said, such as the importance of working together, having an open mind, "and most importantly, how to have fun."

"I know that regardless of where we all go, we will make a difference in this world," Mardin added.

The valedictorian thanked her mom for the help through the years. "I'm so glad to have someone as selfless, caring, and compassionate as you as my mother," Mardin said. In addition to other family, teachers, and friends, Mardin also thanked classmate Mika Dickinson, "my chocolate-eating partner and duet singer." The duo had walked to the stage together during the processional.

With the unknown future beckoning, Mardin said the nervousness the graduates feel is "the beginning of something new." Mardin concluded by asking the Class of 2014 to "go forth and set the world on fire."

Music during the ceremony included the singing of the National Anthem, performed by Micah Marie Delventhal-Saffian, a member of the graduating class. After hats were tossed through the air, the recessional began. Led Zeppelin's "Ramble On" played as the Class of 2014 marched off to their destinies.

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