Village Book Store to close

Dozens on Facebook lament treasured store's demise

April 02, 2014
LITTLETON— The Village Book Store will soon close. The store, which has existed in Littleton for four decades, did not announce when the last day will occur, but it is expected soon.

This comes not long after the closing of Innisfree Books in Lincoln in February.

Storeowner Jeff Wheeler posted a statement online to announce the imminent closure. The statement reads, "To our valued customers: We announce with regret that the Village Book Store will soon be closing.

We thank our many loyal customers who have made a point of shopping locally, and we are sorry we won't be able to serve you.

Changes in the bookselling industry led to the erosion of our customer base, which was compounded by the severe economic downturn of the last several years. Try as we did, we were unable to sustain what we wanted to be able to offer our customers.

Thanks to our long serving staff, our vendors, and, again, most of all, to our customers."

In the store on Thursday, Wheeler said he did not have comments beyond his published statement. He owned the store since 2001.

Facebook became a spot for dozens of VBS fans to express sadness over the store's closure. One person wrote, "We're devastated to see you go. I just bought my daughter her first grown up chapter book there last week. It's a real loss to the community."

Another person expressed her sadness because VBS was a spot for many special family moments. "My children and I will miss not only the store itself, but also the wonderful staff that has become our extended family. We have celebrated and enjoyed so many of our life milestones and memories within those walls." The person added VBS had become "a cornerstone for our sense of community."

Another commenter shared a deep personal VBS remembrance. "I still have the Miss Piggy puppet that my grandparents bought me there back in 1981! The toy section of the store was a blast when I was a child.

VBS hosted many authors, both locals and those with national stature. Classes or meetings offered customers a chance to discuss books, hone writing skills, or learn languages.

The store existed in Littleton for 40 years. The 81 Main Street location was not the first for VBS, but the store's last spot added much to the bustle of the town's award-winning commercial boulevard.

One Facebook commenter wished VBS staff positive motivation for the future. "I hope at the very least this offers an opportunity for you all to venture out toward other dreams," the commenter wrote. He concluded, in thoughts undoubtedly on the minds of many, "Best of luck, and thank you for all that you've offered the North Country and all the years that you did so."

One local bookstore remains in the North Country—Bondclif Books, owned by Mike Dickerman but no other bookstore in the traditional sense, though a bookstore does exist in St. Johnsbury, Vt., and Green Mountain Books and Prints in Lyndonville, Vt.

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