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Chief Moorhead raising funds for another Winni Dip

February 19, 2014
N. WOODSTOCK — Police Chief Douglas Moorhead has signed up for another frigid belly flop. He will be taking a cold plunge on March 8 to support Special Olympics.

Moorhead's frigid fundraising has been anything but a flop for the cause. According to firstgiving.com, the Chief has raised more than $11,000 since starting Winni Dips in 2009. This year's event takes place at the Margate Resort in Laconia.

As of Friday, Moorhead was approaching the half way point of his $3,000 belly flop goal. Individuals and businesses have made donations to his cause. The gifts range from $25 to $200.

"I've done it every year," Moorhead said about the annual dips to raise money for Special Olympics. The chief also takes part in the organization's other activities, such as the annual summer and winter games.

The Special Olympics hold a special place in Moorhead's heart. "With training and competitions in 14 Olympic-style sports, our athletes push hard and play harder," Moorhead said in a statement. Continuing, he noted the athletes "strive to beat their personal bests, defying the odds again and again. From the local ball fields to the shining stage of the State Summer Games, from swimming to snowboarding, our athletes showcase the talents and triumphs of people with intellectual disabilities."

Moorhead has been pleased to see rising participation in the Special Olympics state wide. He added that the Special Olympics has a strong track record of low administrative expenses. More than 90 percent of raised dollars goes to athletic programs for those with intellectual disabilities, the Chief said.

There are no unusual preparations taken for the cold weather dives, Moorhead said. "Your core temperature doesn't change at all," he noted. The really cold shock to the system is worth it for those committed to the cause.

Some donors have provided encouraging comments for the Chief, in addition to financial support for Special Olympics. "Tip the toe first to make sure the water is cool enough," wrote one. Another person declared, "I'm so glad you are doing this instead of me!" Moorhead also received a wish for "happy flopping."

One donor summed up what many would likely say about Moorhead's drive to serve his community. "You are so amazing," the donor wrote. "We love what you do and what you stand for."

You can contribute to Moorhead's cause online. Go to: https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/chiefdouglas-moorhead/winni-dip. The site provides a statement from the Chief, as well as information about each of Moorhead's previous charitable belly flops.

The Special Olympics began in New Hampshire in 1972. For additional information, go to: www.sonh.org.

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