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Lin-Wood skiing looks to continue tradition of success

The Lin-Wood girls' ski team is looking to return to the top in 2014. Jeff Clermont - Courtesy Photo. (click for larger version)
January 06, 2014
LINCOLN — Nestled in the heart of the skiing and riding hub of New England is the Lin-Wood Public School Lumberjacks and as the school has proven over the years, it holds one of the best ski teams in the state. This season they will look to continue the proud tradition of winning as they bring together some of the best skiers in the area to compete for the state title.

The boys will look to snatch up their fourth consecutive state championship and the girls will look to return to the top being runners-up last year and champs in 2011.

The Lumberjacks will field a roster of the following: Seniors Bailey Clermont, Brodie Danley, Owen Sawyer and Justin Vance. Juniors Pearce Bourassa and Bryce Gillen. Sophomores Thor Bartlett, Karragen Boyle, Colby Chase, Jeff Clermont, Desiree Labonte, Chloe Loukes, John Lyons, Madison Savoy, Katie VanHouten and Dakema Welch. Freshmen Sydney Caulder, Kamryn Danley, Dan O'Connor, Kaitlyn Peck and Abbie Sawyer.

This season the Lumberjacks and head coach Aaron Loukes have one of the most talented group of core athletes they have had in years. Leading the charge for the Lumberjacks is senior Bailey Clermont. Clermont has been in the system since he was in seventh grade. Now, in his final year with the program, Clermont looks to take the competition by force and help lead his school and his team to another banner. Another key addition to the team this season is dual sport athlete Justin Vance. Vance was on the ski team at Lin-Wood in 2011 but took the year off last year to focus on basketball. This season, Vance will be splitting his duties between both sports as he tries to help both teams to win in the long haul.

Thor Bartlett also adds some skill to the team. The fact that he is a sophomore should point out that he will be a leader for years to come on the team.

On the ladies side of the team, Pearce Brasser will look to be the leader on the team this season. Brasser has a skill set that few skiers have at her age in the region. Brasser was a key part in the team's success in the past as she made it to the Eastern finals last season.

"We really have an amazing group of athletes this season," Loukes explained. "From the junior high school to our seniors, I have never had such a hard working group."

Loukes continued to praise his team this year, "Also, the core group of skiers we have this year are putting in the extra time. They look forward to sharing the legacy of Lin-Wood skiing to the younger skiers, just as the skiers did for them when they were the young ones."

Without a doubt, Loukes brings together a fantastic group of athletes as well as coaches. Loukes went on to praise and thank coaches Pam Highland, Jeff Clermont and Kristen Johnsen.

"Without them this program would not be where it is today," he said.

Loukes also went on to thank Loon Mountain, The Kanc, and the town of Lincoln "for being so hospitable for the team."

The team has already gotten the season under way and so far things are working out just fine. The team took the overall team win in its last races at Loon Mountain, where Bailey Clermont shined for his team.

"We are super excited for this season and the opportunity to defend our title," Loukes commented. "I am proud of how hard these kids work and I know it will show in the results this season."

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