Hearing set for large Meadow Street development concept

December 04, 2013
LITTLETON — A major expansion of Meadow Street commercial space could be in the offing. The town recently received documents that will be discussed at a zoning board hearing later this month.

The plan, which is only a draft conceptual map, would create four retail operations and a gas station at 831 Meadow Street. This lot, largely undeveloped now, currently includes the Sears outlet store.

Structures built under the proposal would total nearly 107,000 square feet of indoor retail space. A conceptual map the town received shows a 17,500 square foot building near the existing Sears. On the other side of Parker Brook, three connected stores would be constructed. Specifically, two 12,000 square foot proposed retail spaces would be joined to another building of more than 66,000 square feet.

According to the map, the store by Sears would include 115 parking spaces. Farther from Meadow Street, an additional lot with 416 parking spaces would be constructed to serve the three new stores east of the brook. The gas station is plotted for the northern end of this larger lot.

The concept plan was submitted by Jones and Beach Engineers, Inc. The developer is Saxon Real Estate Partners, based in Plymouth, Mass. Saxon created Colony Place, an outdoor retail development of more than one million square feet south of Boston.

At a December 17 hearing, the zoning board is slated to review the developer's request for a special exception.

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