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Chartier bench dedicated at Dells Park

December 05, 2012
LITTLETON — The George H. Chartier Memorial Bench was dedicated last month. The memorial stands in Dells Park near the Dells Road parking area.

About 30 town employees, friends and family stood among towering conifers to honor and remember the 15-year Highway Department employee who died on August 1, 2011. Several town officials, including Selectmen Marghie Seymour and Mike Gilman, attended the event.

Littleton's 2011 town report included a dedication to Chartier. The report said that he was "a dedicated father and family man, a great companion, trusted friend and a loyal and hardworking employee." The beloved friend and co-worker was known as "Baby Face" and "Big Daddy."

On behalf of Chartier's friends and family, Parks and Recreation Commissioner Bryan Hadlock welcomed those who attended the dedication ceremony. Hadlock said that within a week of Chartier's passing, calls came in suggesting a memorial.

"How could I say no?" Hadlock said.

"It did not take time for word to spread," Hadlock said, about the planned memorial. This led to donations for the bench. Hadlock thanked those who contributed to the effort to honor Chartier.

Hadlock said that the site for the memorial was selected as a spot that could be easily reached. The area seemed a very apt spot to remember Chartier, who was very fond of the outdoors. The location will allow people to enjoy nature as they remember Chartier's service.

Chartier's fiancé Sophia Fekay Lowe also spoke to the crowd. She thanked the community for its support and encouragement since Chartier's death. She also thought that Chartier would have considered the honor too much.

After the short ceremony, friends and family gathered around the bench to reminisce. There was a great deal of laughter as they remembered Chartier.

In the latter part of his career, Chartier served as the manager of the Littleton Highway Department. He was an eight-year veteran of the Army and National Guard.

To access the memorial, walk east from the Dells Road parking area. The bench can be found on higher ground to the left, close to the pond.

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