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Joyce Endee

Recount brings Doolan victory over Representative Bulis

November 20, 2012
LITTLETON — Thursday saw an electoral recount between two Littleton Republicans. Thanks to a six-vote swing, Ralph Doolan will take one of the two Grafton-1 State House seats. The result unseats incumbent Republican Lyle "Rusty" Bulis.

The recount changed the contest from a two-vote Doolan loss to his four-vote victory margin.

Democrat Linda Massimilla won the other seat on Election Day. She took 40 percent of the total District 1 vote, while Bulis and Doolan each gained 30 percent.

The three candidates were vying for the two-seat district that represents Littleton and Bethlehem. Like Doolan and Bulis, Massimilla lives in Littleton.

The 2012 election was not kind to incumbent Republicans in Concord. Strong electoral performances will lead to a return of Democratic control in the lower chamber. Republicans lost nearly 120 seats in the 400-member House of Representatives. Incumbents Bulis, Greg Sorg, and Paul Ingbretson were defeated in our area.

Although Doolan sought the recount, he has expressed respect for Bulis. He regretted the close nature of the race, and said he was comfortable with how Bulis voted in Concord.

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