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Romney's eldest son visits Littleton

Tagg Romney, the eldest son of Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney, met people on Main Street before visiting Gold House Pizza, the Republican Victory office, and Chutters. He said that his task was to discuss the campaign, his dad, and the party’s vision for the future. Darin Wipperman/The Littleton Courier. (click for larger version)
October 10, 2012
LITTLETON — With people carrying Romney/Ryan signs on Main Street, the Republican nominee's eldest son visited Littleton last Tuesday afternoon. Tagg Romney met several Republican supporters and thanked volunteers at the party's victory office.

Romney had a busy day. He participated in events throughout the state on October 2. In addition to Littleton, the candidate's son was in Londonderry, Laconia, Hanover, and Newport.

One person on Main Street noted how much Tagg looks like his dad. The son seemed like a natural as he smoothly conversed with supporters. He did say, however, that he is not interested in running for office.

His first stop was at Gold House Pizza. Romney shook hands, and talked with owner Jim Sourgiadakis. Romney then carried five pizzas downstairs to feed phone volunteers and others in the Republican Victory office.

Romney delivered a pep talk to the volunteers manning the phones. "We're going to win New Hampshire," he declared. "We're going to win the whole thing."

He still emphasized the need for the help that volunteers were providing. "It's going to take hard work to win," Romney said. He continued by saying that grassroots organization can make a big difference in an election.

Romney told the volunteers that his dad does not like to talk about his accomplishments. Tagg said that his job was to tell people about his father's strengths and abilities.

Tagg, one of the nominee's five sons, talked about his dad's devotion to family. He used the moment for a little humor. Speaking of his father, Tagg said, "He loves his wife. He loves his grandchildren. He tolerates his boys."

Bruce Perlo, Chairman of the Grafton County Republican Committee, said that Romney's visit helped energize supporters. He said that such visits especially invigorate volunteers in the Victory Office.

Chutters was Romney's last Littleton stop. With six children of his own, Tagg informed owner Jim Alden of the need for some candy. Romney and Alden talked about the store's variety and the Guinness World Records length of the candy counter.

In a brief interview, Romney said that his travels during the campaign have shown the concern that exists about the economy. "I've talked to a lot of people who are either out of work or underemployed," he said.

"My role," Romney continued, "is to let people know who my dad is." Romney believes that his dad has the experience and vision to improve the country. "He's running so he can help get the economy moving again."

Although involved in a national political campaign, Romney, who used to work for the Los Angeles Dodgers, said he prefers baseball. With a smile, he said his previous affiliation with a West Coast team did not keep him from being a devoted fan of Boston's teams. He no doubt hopes that next month is better for his dad than the season was for the Red Sox.

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