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Stearns helps Kansan complete teaspoon collection

October 10, 2012
LITTLETON — Chad Stearns, Executive Director of the Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce, received an interesting request last month. Faye Hook, 85, of Halstead, Kan., reached out to ask for help. She needed some teaspoons from New Hampshire in order to complete her state-themed collection of the utensil.

In her letter, Hook wrote that she had teaspoons from the other 49 states. She said that vacationing friends and family had assisted her with that effort. She also noted, "People think it's an odd hobby," but she has been very interested in seeing the various colors and kinds of teaspoons across the country.

Her collection was five years in the making, Hook wrote in her letter to Stearns.

Stearns said he was motivated to help after receiving Hook's request. He was especially impressed that Hook was going to donate the completed collection to a school in her area.

He sent Hook two teaspoons with a New Hampshire theme. The items were "compliments of the Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce," Stearns wrote. In his reply letter, Stearns also applauded Hook's "feeling of service to your community for donating your collection."

Offering information to those visiting the area is an important part of his job, Stearns said. Stearns said that such efforts are "one of the many things we do to represent the community."

Hook's request was a unique way he could promote the New Hampshire brand. He also believed the Chamber's response was another way for the North Country to show its helpful and friendly mindset.

Although Ms. Hook may not visit Main Street in the near future, New Hampshire made a good impression on her. In a reply to Stearns after receiving the spoons, Hook wrote, "Thank you and your state so much."

Through work with local businesses, Stearns and the Chamber help decorate Main Street and promote our area. Sometimes that includes assistance to someone far away looking for assistance from the North Country.

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