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After ruling Eames praises others and stresses defamation win

September 12, 2012
LITTLETON — Jere Eames expressed gratitude this week to his fellow petitioners and others in the wake of the Eames v. Bedor decision. The five-year legal battle involved former partners in the Mount Washington Hotel Limited Partnership.

Superior Court Judge Richard McNamara issued an opinion on the case in July. On examination of the whole case, Eames said, "The bottom line is that the Court rejected all claims by both sides and awarded no damages to either side."

Eames believes that it is important to remember that his side, the plaintiffs in the suit, included nine petitioners from five families. In addition to Eames family members, the plaintiffs included members of the DeAmicis, Eberz, Parker and Poor families.

He said that his side won an important victory when McNamara rejected Joel Bedor and Wayne Presby's countersuit. They claimed that Eames defamed the defendants in a 2006 letter. McNamara found that Eames acted in good faith when the letter was sent to his partners on advice of counsel.

The letter was developed after Eames investigated the facts and researched issues for more than a year. Eames was pleased that McNamara determined that the plaintiffs "did not act negligently in bringing to light our allegations" through the letter.

Winning the argument on the defamation question was very important to Eames. He stated that McNamara's decision meant that Eames and his partners "did achieve a significant victory by prevailing in what was the most important element to us."

Because of the importance of winning the countersuit, Eames suggested that last week's Courier headline could have read Eames, DeAmicis, Eberz, Parker and Poor prevail over Bedor and Presby.

Eames said, "Our suit was about accountability." He felt that it would have been difficult to prevail in the case, but he saw the need to protect his fellow partners. "We accepted the challenge as part of our fiduciary responsibility to our partners. We are proud that we did and have absolutely no regrets in doing so."

Eames stressed the importance of his partners, as well as the current staff and management of the resort. "It was important to recognize all of the other investors in the Resort," Eames said. He also gave credit to "the present and past staff members, and the new ownership and management."

Making sure his other partners and the staff receive credit is critical to Eames. "In all of this," he wrote, "they have been overlooked and deserve some gratitude and recognition."

Eames remains happy that so many people came together to save the resort from the financial problems that could have resulted in its demolition. In a statement, Eames noted, "What should not be lost in all of this is that there were seven local families, in addition to Bedor and Presby, that stepped up to the plate and were early investors in this venture, some investing their entire savings. Also, that we took over operating properties that were fully staffed. Many of these staff members we knew personally or knew their families. They were honest, loyal, dedicated and professional. Many of them remained for much or all of our ownership. Some still continue today. They were instrumental to our success."

To remain on his positive theme, Eames praised the resort's current owners. "The Resort continues on under the superior ownership of CNL Lifestyle Properties and Omni Hotel and Resort management, bringing attention to Bretton Woods as the home of one of the world's finest Four Season Resorts."

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